How to Make Inexpensive DIY Pumpkin Planters

How to Make Inexpensive DIY Pumpkin Planters

I bet if you are like me you can find those inexpensive pumpkin shaped trick or treat buckets in your attic. While they are super cute, if your kids are older they have no interest in using them to go trick or treating anymore. Give them new life with this super easy and inexpensive DIY Pumpkin Planter idea. This post may have affiliate links.

how to make planters out of plastic pumpkins

How to make these DIY Pumpkin Planters

how to make planters out of plastic pumpkins

After making two of these, I realized you can not tell if the spray paint will stay on the plastic. One of my pumpkins had no peeling while the other one peeled almost immediately.

Be sure to spray a primer onto the plastic if you plan on using these outdoors.

how to make planters out of plastic pumpkins

Otherwise, first put some drainage holes in the bottom of the pumpkins, if using outdoors.

Then simply spray two coats of Duncan COLORSHOT line of premium spray paints onto the pumpkins allowing them to dry completely in between each coat.

Then add your potting soil and mums for an easy yet festive decoration.

how to make planters out of plastic pumpkins

You can even use this through Thanksgiving. You can just turn the face around and just have the pumpkin show. I do this with a lot of Halloween decor.

Why Use Duncan COLORSHOT Spray Paints?

The formulation does NOT have xylene, benzene, toluene or toxic dryers. The propellant in COLORSHOT is derived from harvested sugarcane, which makes it a more sustainable alternative to the petroleum formulas in competitive products.

It is so nice to know there are fewer toxins in their product.

With names like Little Black Dress, First Million, and Cosmo, COLORSHOT brings colors that attract and connect with buyers. Find out more details on the 48 fantastic color options at

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