How to make super Easy Watermelon Cookie Recipe

 You have probably already seen watermelon themed cookies at your grocery store. I decided to mix up our day and get the kids cooking in the kitchen to help with this cookie recipe. It is super simple and I pretty much cheated the whole way but the kids have fun making and eating them. Who says watermelon is only a fruit!

cookie recipe


 For this super simple watermelon cookie recipe, I used a sugar cookie mix, pre-made red buttercream frosting, (this was the inspiration to make them at home), and black sprinkles. If you don’t find red butter cream, just die a canister of white frosting or make your own. I definitely would use the red gel food coloring for the frosting so you don’t make it too watery. You need a lot of red to make it the right color.

The next steps are so easy, get your seat belts on.

cookie recipe

 First add enough green food coloring, I used the gel variety, to the sugar cookie recipe you are using.

Then using a small ice cream scoop, plop your cookies 2 inches apart. My first batch I had the kids flatten them out slightly, which inspired my cut watermelon slice cookies but the second batch that we did not pat down, looked more like the cookies at the grocery store.watermelon cookie recipe


Once your cookies are cooled, frost each cookie leaving a green border to represent the watermelon rind! Finish them off by adding your watermelon seeds. We used Black sprinkles because I had some left over from a car party, but you can easily use brown sprinkles too!. 

watermelon cookie recipe


For the ones I made too flat, I cut them in half and I personally think these look more like watermelon than the full round cookies? Watermelon is sweet but this cookie recipe is sure to please everyone and perfect for a summer picnic or summer party. The kids at the beach enjoyed these although fresh watermelon does refresh you better after a long day out in the sun!.


cookie recipe

Which cookie design do you like better? 



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  1. thanks for stopping by, guessing the other versions rolled two colors of dough together?

  2. Cute! This is definitely an easier version than some others I’ve seen, but they turned out really well! I like the two shapes together!

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  6. Ooh! These look fun! I think the half cookies look more realistic! Sure sounds great right now too!

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