The Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary

Going to Disney World on a vacation can feel overwhelming to plan. There are so many activities on how do you balance your time, while not missing a single activity. What is The Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary?

You finally decided on taking a trip to Disney World.  You might have already booked your Disney Hotel. However, what are you going to do for those 5 days while you are in Orlando?  Here is what we think is the Ideal 5 Day Disney Trip

Let’s admit it, life and weather happen, so there is no such thing as a foolproof Disney World itinerary but we are sharing an ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary recommended by the Disney Experts at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

5 day disney trip plans

While we did not have 5 full days to explore the parks, we learned so much for the Disney Team to create the Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary. This post contains affiliate links. Be sure to read the entire post to get some more great Disney World Tips from  A Disney Travel Advisor.  

he Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary

The Ideal 5 Day Disney Trip

Day One at Disney World

How to get most out of your 5 Days at Disney

When possible get there as early as possible, if its an early flight or leaving early in the morning for a drive to Orlando to enjoy a few hours at one of the Disney Water Parks.  Get the kids moving after a tough travel day and early to bed for four more days of Disney Park fun.

The Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary


Day Two at Disney World

Plan on spending the entire day at the Animal Kingdom. The Animal Kingdom has expanded and added so many new attractions that it is truly a day and night park now.

We found four hours was enough to explore the park during the day, but we had fast passes to skip all the lines.


The Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary

Coming May 27th the new Pandora, World of Avatar will open. This area is based on the movie and is sure to bring one of a kind experience.

The Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary

(Concept art, Walt Disney Imagineering)

For the late-night park goers, you need to experience the  Nighttime safari to see the animals during a different light. Stick around for the Rivers of Light show and on your way out of the park, find  Tree of Life lit up with a friendly goodbye.

These shows are exclusive to the Animal Kingdom and worth keeping the kids up late.

The Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary


Day Three at Disney World

Start your day at Epcot for a wild new ride on Soaring around the world  The new movie is filled with sites from around the world. Like the previous movie, you will experience both smells and experiences. Give your taste buds a cultural adventure by eating around the countries

The Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary

Of course be sure to get your fast pass for the new Frozen ride. We missed it but I was told it was amazing. On your way out go on Test Track, another ride to have your fast pass. Wait around for another spectacular fireworks show.



Be sure to pin this so you remember where to find your Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary when you are ready to plan your next Disney Vacation. Also check out our Disney Vacation Packing Tips.

The Ideal 5 Day Disney World Itinerary



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  1. I’ve been to Disneyland twice when I was a child but never Disney World. I’d like to take my boys some day!

  2. Sounds pretty awesome! I’ll be honest I really dont have a desire to go to Disney, maybe when all my kids are older that will change but it sounds like it would be so hard with all my kids — maybe a trip without them would be awesome!

  3. This looks amazing! Disney World is truly a magical place – for both children and adults alike 🙂

  4. Ahhhh way to make me crave a Disney trip!!!! I just love going to Disney with the family. We always have so much fun

  5. I am sending the link to the post to my niece. She and her family will be going to Disney on the 22nd. This may help them maximize their vacation and enjoy as much as they can. Thanks for sharing this. Big help!

  6. Wow looks like everything is covered! We are thinking of going next year. I may bookmark this!

  7. Five days really is the perfect amount of time to make the most of it. This is a great plan of attack, especially when you have kids!

  8. Great tips! I haven’t been since I was in high school and sure the parks have changed so much. I really want to take my son in the next year or so…I guess I need to start saving!

  9. Can you believe I haven’t been to Disney World?? I didn’t grow up in North America so it’s always been a childhood dream! You bet I’m bookmarking this when I finally do go 🙂