Laser Tag Guns & Laser Tag Party Treats

This post about Laser Tag Guns & Laser Tag Party Treats is sponsored By Kidzlane.  All opinions are own. 

My son turned 13 this month and while he does not still want a birthday party, we invited a few friends over for dinner.  Keeping 6 teenage boys entertained and not on their phones is always a challenge.  Thanks to the Laser Tag Guns by Kidzlane that were sent to us, the boys never even came in the house.


laser tag party

Best Laser Tag Guns for Home Use

Moderately priced these laser tag guns do not come with the vests.  The laser tag set came with four guns, each requiring 4 batteries. 

laser tag guns kidzlane

You can pick your team color and thus picking if you want to play individually or on teams.  A great feature for the younger kids that want to play. 

There are also different shooting modes from pistol to rockets.  The boys enjoyed trying out all the different features. 

laser tag guns kidzlane


Laser Tag Party Ideas

Since this was not a “laser Tag Birthday Party” I still made treats that were part of the theme. 

We made our Triple Chocolate Oreo Brownies because they are very amazing and my son’s favorite. 

We created these adorable free laser tag party printables.  

laser tag party


Simply attach them to toothpicks with some tape.  Then insert them on top of a few of your brownies or cupcakes.

We added some glow sticks to the platter for effect. The kids loved both the laser tag toys and treats. 

laser tag party food


The boys spent over an hour chasing each other around the yard and the laser tag set seemed to keep them nice and occupied.  

I even played a little in the house with my son the next day to check out what these were all about. 

laser tag guns kidzlane

What do you look for in laser tag sets

he Best Laser Tag Guns For Home Use Plus some laser tag Party Ideas and treats Free Printables for cupcakes or treats too.


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