10 Last Minute DIY Cute Halloween Costumes

I have been gone for 5 days and Halloween is on Saturday. I need to get going on my kid Halloween Costumes. Personally, I love having the kids come up with something creative we have at home. Last minute DIY Costumes for kids like Cereal Killer Costume and Huck Finn Halloween Costume. 

One year my youngest make a  Huck Finn costume and another Cereal Killer costume from items we already have. . We used things we already had at home or bought things he could reuse.

Here are 10 Easy Kids DIY Halloween Costumes you can make with clothes and items you already use.  Be sure to check out last minute costumes for Adults too. 

Simple Last Minute DIY Cute Halloween Costumes


Simple Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Easy Elf on the Shelf Costume

Who says you can’t dress for Christmas at Halloween. This year our last minute DIY costume was Elf on The Shelf.

Who says you can’t wear Christmas characters for Halloween. Here are some easy DIY Christmas character costumes

  1. Wrap a large box like a gift and use that as your kids costume
  2. Cut out a large snowflake out of a box and wear white
  3. Put on an ugly sweater  and go as a Holiday Party goer. 

You simply need to make this last minute Elf costume


elf on the shelf costume for kids


My boys have always loved to fish.  So when he came up with a Huck Finn costume last minute it could not have been easier to put together. 

What you need to make a Huck Finn Costume: 

  • Brown Sun Hat
  • White T-shirt
  • Jeans rolled up

Of course he needed to wear shoes for trick or treating

huck finn costume boy standing near water

DIY Care Bear Costumes:

Most adults remember the Care Bears. Create a family of Care bears with simple Sweat Pants and Felt. This should only take a few minutes and you have a great family costume.  This Could not be easier. 


last minute care bear costume

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DIY Cat Lady Costume

Most kids have plenty of stuffed animals for this cat lady costume. All you might need is a fuzzy robe.  and some stuffed cats.

little girl dressed like a cat lady in a robe and wig with stuffed cats

Last minute Scuba Diver Costume

Ask your neighbors for some extra 2 liter bottles, paint and electrical tape to create this adorable DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume. 

homemade scuba diver costume for kids


Create a Superman Costume in minutes

Not all superheroes need capes. Make Clark Kent with a t-shirt and some men’s wear. 

simple to make clark kent costume for kids



Rain Cloud Costume

I am sure you can find an umbrella that no longer works. Transform it into this Raincloud Costume. 

kid holding an umbrella with streamers coming down costume

All kids love the Minions. By transforming some simple winter hats, you have these easy DIY Minion Halloween Costumes. 

how to make a super simple minion costume


How to make last minute crayon costumes:

What a simple but creative way to dress up as a group. Each kid picks their favorite color in this last minute Crayon Costume idea. 

kids dressed up like crayola crayons for halloween



Grab a cute yellow dress your daughter can wear again and then add a canister of Morton salt and an Umbrella. Ta Da you have an instant kids costume. 

a girl dressed up like morton salt label lady

MORE  Last Minute Cute Halloween Costumes

Grab some inexpensive t-shirts and some face makeup to create a Frankenstein Costume for your kids. 

black t-shirt with safety pins for easy frankenstein costume for kids

Stick Figures are seen on some many back windshields these days. Dress up your child with some simple clothing and duck tape. 

kid in whate clotehs with black tape to look like a stick figure

Easy 2 minute Cereal Killer Halloween Costume

HOW TO MAKE Here is my son last year in his 4:30 pm creation for a 5pm Halloween Party. A pun on words Cereal Killer costume. 

child with old cereal boxes and a plastic knife attached to shirt for a cereal killer costume

You can also get items still in time for Halloween if you have an Amazon Prime Membership. Trust me ordered some costume items today. 

WHAT YOU NEED For Cereal Killer Costume DIY

  • Empty Cereal Boxes
  • Plastic Knives
  • Tape or Safety Pins
  • Dark clothing
  • Baseball Hat 

What is your go to last minute halloween costume idea?

What do you think of the 10 Simple Last Minute DIY Cute Halloween Costumes?

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  1. these are such cure ideas! I love the salt girl

  2. Such a cute post! I wish I had this to read as my daughter was growing then I wouldn’t have had to buy those expensive costumes. Great post!

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