Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Adults

When the kids were young we had themed family costumes so dressing up was easier. Now I just want a Last Minute Halloween Costumes for adults to show up to the neighborhood Halloween Party.

Recently in the Gardinroad catalog, I saw a web poncho and thought it was adorable but I did not care for the price. Time to make another Halloween Knockoff for a lot less.  

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Here are a women’s cute Halloween costumes that will surely get you in the trick or treat spirit. This cute Halloween costume for women can be done in minutes, just need a day for it to dry.  

 Simple Halloween Costumes For Women Pin

 Maybe you just need a simple Halloween to wear to your child’s school Halloween party, this quick tutorial will turn you into the hit of the party. 

How to make Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Adults

Women’s Spider Web Costume


Black fleece cut into a poncho for web costume

What You need for this simple DIY  costume

Use a yard to a yard 1/2 of black fleece or black felt. Depending on how cold it will be for your Halloween, you will enjoy the thickness of the fleece. Fold the fabric in half and cut a whole for the head. 

Simple Halloween Costumes For Women

Halloween costumes for adult women need to be practical, especially running around with kids. Cut the side to resemble a spider web.

Simple Halloween Costumes For Women


We used Puffy fabric paint for our lines on this women’s cute Halloween costumes. They also had glow in the dark puffy which would be fun too.

Putting white puffy paint onto black fleece poncho

You get the idea.

Simple Halloween Costumes For Women




Here is another view,   best thing if you mess up you can just turn it over.


        Simple Halloween Costumes For Women showing full web poncho

Tips for using puffy fabric paint

Make sure the hole or tip of the paint is a full circle and not clogged up.  This can make for easier application. 


Spider web poncho on brick floor


Making a spider headband to go with last minute spider web costume


This DIY Halloween project could not be simpler, just glue and hold down to dry. Sure you can add additional ribbons etc but I like the headband to be simple for the DIY web costume. 

How to glue a plastic spider onto a headband with hot glue gun


What do you think of this scarey spider?

Holding up a black headband with a purple spider glued on

Here is a view from the top of these Halloween costume for adults. Nothing too hard and yet very practical and comfortable. 

Simple Halloween Costumes For Women

Now let’s see the whole costume put together…. What do you think would you make this for yourself? 

Women in spider web costume black and white photo

How to wear this cute Halloween costume:

I simply paired my spiderweb poncho with a pair of black leggings. 

Simple Halloween Costumes For Women

Other Halloween Costumes for Women  and Adults That are Quick and Easy:

last minute costume ideas for adults

Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Adults

Who says kids can have all the fun on Halloween. Adults that are looking for some last minute Halloween Costumes can look no futher.

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