Last Minute Gift Ideas: DIY Daddy’s Sweet Pack

Fathers day is coming up and instead of giving him a gift card that will just sit in his wallet why not make something instead. If you are in need of ideas you can look on Pinterest like I did or follow my easy steps for making a fun and delicious gift. No worry we have last minute Gift Ideas for Dad,  that I like to call Daddy’s Sweet Pack. This is such an easy Last Minute gift idea, which sweetens it allure. Need more last minute Fathers Day gift ideas be sure to check out Four DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas Any Dad Would Love  too. 

Last Minute Gift Ideas: DIY Daddy's Sweet Pack

How to Make These Last Minute Gift Ideas: DIY Daddy’s Sweet Pack

What you need: 

Four Pack Clear Soda Bottles

Bulk Candy

Spray Paint

All you need is a four pack of tall clear soda bottles and four different types a candy. We found this four pack at Trader Joe’s. All you have to do is to drink the bottles of soda and make sure that they are clean, make sure you keep the caps too. We were very careful about taking the tops off our ours as they were not twist off tops.

Then you have to keep the little box that the soda came in and spray paint it and decorated it to be unique just for your dad. When we were little we made these DIY Father’s Day Plaques it is amazing how our gifts have changed as we have grown up.

Last Minute Gift Ideas: DIY Daddy's Sweet Pack

Now all that is left is to fill the bottles with his favorite candy. Each of our bottles took 3 movie size boxes, you might buy larger bags, about 12 oz to save money.

You can do a lot of unique things in the glasses too. If I had more time I might make paper ties between them. This gift is so time efficient and easy. Every dad will love this gift and it does not take long. This would make a fun birthday present, great hostess gift or just a thinking of you present too. Perfect even if it is not about last minute gift ideas.

What types of candy would you fill these bottles with?


Written by Caitlin

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  1. thanks for stopping by and I will check out your site too:)

  2. Adorable, Shared on social media & I am now a follower. Coming by from Crafters Corner Cafe. Lots of love, lisa

  3. What a cute idea! My dad loves candy when I was younger I would always get him candy. Now I am a crazy nursing student and I just give him health advice….lol