Four DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas Any Dad Would Love

What’s the best way for the family to give dad a gift that will really mean something this Father’s Day? You may have some good ideas that would be equally appropriate on his birthday or Christmas, but in order to make him feel really special, how about a handmade present made by you and the kids? There is something about DIY Father’s Day Gifts from kids that really say the kids are thinking of them and not mom. This year for Mother’s Day my husband said, I am not doing anything for you, you are not my mom!! Classic husband move but my kids are 14-9 years old so they are more than capable of making their own gifts, making a meal or doing laundry. I hope you will get your older kids involved in making these 4 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas or maybe they will come up with their own gift ideas.

4 DIY Fathers Day Gifts


Sure, you could purchase that gadget or piece of entertainment from any major high street retailer on the children’s behalf, or get a  Father’s Day gift voucher that may sit in his wallet for months and then eventually expire without being used. Or you could give him a mass produced novelty item like this “Coolest Dad” mug, but where’s the personal touch?


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Yes, the absolute best way to make dad feel loved on his dedicated day is with a DIY gift made by the family! Take a look through our suggestions to see if you can summon some fresh inspiration. We’ve also got more ideas to buy from our  Father’s Day gifts guide post in 2014.

4 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Sock Stress Balls

If daddy sometimes has a lot to think about at work, maybe he needs a stress ball that serves two purposes. Firstly, he can squeeze the ball to relieve tension. Secondly, it’s made by his family and reminds him of home whenever he sees it. Older kids can make these and collect single socks. (Kill two birds)

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You’ll need the following:

  1. Playdough
  2. Kids’ socks (the more distinctive, the better) or balloon
  3. Ribbon
  4. Sandwich bag or cling wrap
  5. Lavender oil (or other soothing aromatic oil)

Gently dab the sock in the lavender oil. Then simply wrap the playdough in the bag or wrap, and then put it inside the sock and tie the end with ribbon. Attach a gift tag from the family for an extra personal touch. Hey presto! You have made a soothing stress relief ball that reminds him of home.

Daddy’s Sweet Pack

It’s proved such a popular DIY father’s day gift idea that we’ve recycled this one from 2014. All you need are a four pack for sodas or beers, and some cleaned empty bottles. Paint up the bottle holder and then buy enough candy to fill the four bottles.

Ideally, you want to have a different kind of candy in each bottle. Just buy based on his favorite – Jelly Belly, Skittles, M&Ms, whatever dad likes best! Then fill the bottles, cap them, and hide the gift away till Father’s Day. Read the full instructions on our original fathers day gift post.

Personalized Pictures or Frames

You could give him a framed photo of the kids holding up hand-drawn pictures of dad with written messages why they love him underneath. Or you could just frame the pictures and let the kids customize the frame by gluing on glittery pasta and other fun objects. The message will be the same! Get the older kids to decorate the frame even make the photo collage to put in the frame.


Home Made Paperweight

This last one is simple and fun. Just take an ordinary garden rock. Let the kids paint it in their favorite colors. Then have them paint “My Dad Rocks!” on it. Ta-da! One hand-made gift that will bring a smile to his face in the study or at the office. You can’t place a dollar value on that! Check here for more DIY Father’s Day Gifts  ideas inspired from Pinterest.

That’s all for Father’s Day 2016. If you have any great ideas of your own, please post them below with any pictures you have!

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