DIY Father’s Day Plaques and other DIY Crafts from Pinterest

Father’s Day is only a few days away. The kids we have not decided what we were going to make for dad this year I thought I would revisit some ideas we made in the past as well as share some  DIY crafts from  PINTEREST. In addition to these ideas, be sure to check out Four DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas Any Dad Would Love and our recent 10 best Homemade Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts Ideas. 


Hand Print Plaques:  I never made a post about these as they are 5 years old but I just purchased wooden plagues from the craft store. Painted them and then painted my children’s hands and allowed them to stamp onto the wood. I wish I had used sharpies or paint pens to write the names but I just wanted them complete it .

I used a staple gun to attach some ribbon and hung them above the door frame.

Have the kids paint on an apron with fabric paints and then use it as a wrapping for BBQ tools, sauce or any other kitchen supplies the receiver might be interested in.
homemade bbq sauce

Last minute not so homemade crafts

DIY Fathers day hobby frame
Themed Buckets: also good for upcoming beach vacations.

For the golfer:

Fill a tin paint can (from a hardware store) with golf balls, tees, and a coupon for a round of golf…with the kids:)

How about a golf cake..


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My kids love to fish with their dad so we might have to make these cute cupcakes found at Nothing But Country:
 Fathers Day DIY craft
Think I can convert this frame into a fishing theme? Maybe a trip to the fishing department of the sporting store is in our future this week.

Take your father’s Day Dessert to the next level with this old fashion Ice Cream Roll Recipe. 


What are DIY crafts from Pinterest have inspired you for father’s day this year? Share your ideas with me.

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  1. These are great ideas, but you have a tiny typo in the header Plagues is what it says. I love the handprints. Prettiest thing ever!!


  2. the nuts and bolts frame is a great idea, thanks!

  3. I thought so too we just bought a black frame and some fishing lures and see what we come up with for this year!!

  4. thank you, just fixed it!!

  5. These are really cool ideas! There is something about gifts that your kids make you that are so much better then ones that can be bought :)We are probably going to make a present for Dad this year, it means more to him and the kiddos have fun doing it!

  6. Great ideas! Your so clever in the crafting department!

  7. Love Love Love these ideas!

  8. The golf cake looks amazing! Too bad no one in my family golfs!

  9. Such great, crafty, and memorable ideas! Love them! Thanks for sharing!!!