12 Easy Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas under $10

Teacher appreciation is coming up at the beginning of May. This year Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 8th. Over the past years of blogging, I have crafted many DIY teacher appreciation gifts.

With three kids in elementary school at the same time, that meant 6 teachers. So keeping teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas under $5 was vital. These are all practical gifts that the teacher will like and be able to use or eat.

Teacher appreciation is really just about recognizing the teacher and thanking him or her for an outstanding year.12

  Check out these 12 Easy Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas under $10 and most are $5 or less.


Easiest Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts Under $5


Here are 10 of our favorite Teacher Appreciation Gifts you can make for under $5 Each. Many are even cheaper than that!

  1. Creative Ideas for Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts

  • Personalized stationary or notecards
  • DIY spa or relaxation kit
  • Handmade photo album or memory book
  1.  Ways to Make Thoughtful DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

  • Utilize recyclable materials and repurpose them into something useful
  • Incorporate the teacher’s interests or hobbies into the gift
  • Involve the student in the creation process
  1. Tips for Creating Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts on a Budget

  • Use affordable materials such as paper, fabric, or recycled items
  • Make use of free online resources such as templates or tutorials
  • Consider creating a group gift with other parents or students to split the cost
  1. Reasons Why Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts Are More Meaningful

  • They show effort and thoughtfulness
  • They are unique and personalized to the teacher
  • They can create a lasting memory for both the teacher and student.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts For Pampering



Essential Oils are all the rage and these bath salts are not only inexpensive to make, but they also take just minutes. The kids can easily help too. 

HOw to make homemade bath salts 55


Teacher Gifts Idea: Gift soap Printable

Teachers wash their hands a lot.  Buy them some nice scented soaps and attach this free printable. 

soap teacher gifts

soap teacher gifts

Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Food Gifts

Inexpensive DIY Popcorn Teacher Gifts

Whether you have a male or female teacher, they will love this popcorn themed gifts.  Gifts for teachers dont have to be expensive and these are simple and fun. 

Inexpensive Popcorn Teacher Gift Ideas


Iced Tea Teacher Gifts

For all the talking teachers do in the classroom. Treat them with these bottled Iced Tea gift idea.

Teacher appreciation gifts

Teacher appreciation gifts

Addicting Bacon Maple Glazed Almonds Recipe

Teachers are not the only ones who will beg you for this recipe for glazed almonds.  Make a double batch for yourself. 

Bacon Maple glazed Almonds Gift idea

School Supplies Teacher Gift Ideas

Make these super cute gift baskets made out of school supplies.  A fun way to give an ordinary but necessary gift. 


DIY Pencil Pouch-Teacher Gift

If you are feeling especially crafty,  make a few of these adorable homemade pencil pouches and fill them with supplies and gift cards. 

Make these Back to School DIY teacher Gift Pencil Pouch Gift

Teacher Frame Idea

Teachers are always writing notes.  Celebrate earth day too with these reusable note frames. 

Rainbow themed Ideas

Great free printable for any colorful gift you plan on giving your teachers this May. 

Teacher Appreciation Ideas: Recycled Planters

Spring is the perfect time to give small plants.  Buy a cell pack of plants and then replant them in items you already have in your recycling bins. 


recycled planters


I want one of these for my desks. This printable is free and all you need are the post-it notes and frame.  

Homemade teacher appreciation gift ideas



Group Teachers Gift Ideas

PRO TIP:  For Christmas or End of School year gifts, consider getting the room parent to send out an email and get everyone to contribute to a larger gift card. This is much better than spending money on a #1 Teacher Ornament. Trust me, the teachers have enough of these.


Pick any denomination, from over 200 retailers and print, text or email from home. check out how to get these adorable unique gift card gifts. 

kid crafted gift cards

Candy Vases Idea 

diy mothers day gifts candy Vase 3

This is a super easy gift your teens or tweens can help with as well.   We made DIY Candy Vases these for Mothers Day but really you can give them out for any occasion. 


Teacher Appreciation, cookie in jar free printable

Teachers get so many sweets, why not make them cookies in a jar they can make at a later date when they are craving something sweet. 

More posts filled with DIY Teacher Gift Ideas: Click on photos to get to Gift Round Up Post.





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