Parchment Paper Makes Family Mealtime Easier

Parchment Paper Makes Family Mealtime Easier. Remember my post on my 72 hour trip with Reynolds Real Moms? Well as part of this competition we are asked to write 6 kitchen tips for 6 weeks and then America gets to vote for their favorites. Today is the first day of the contest and I encourage you to visit Reynolds FB page as they are so passionate about the Reynolds Real Mom contest and this is their first year. Of course I would love you to vote for me every week but pick your favorite tip I am thrilled they are getting some attention.


     I think that is me behind the “R” maybe I should take that as a hint!

The New Year usually means trying to eat more healthfully around our house. However, with all the kids’ activities, time in the kitchen is limited. I struggle to cook healthy, hearty meals on those days, not to mention having the energy to clean up afterwards! We all know how much easier to stop at a drive thru window. Unfortunately, not only is that not a healthy everyday option, but it can be costly too.

I am so thrilled to share how Reynolds Parchment Paper helps make our weekday family meals healthy and a breeze to clean up.

Parchment Paper Makes Family Mealtime Easier
This might get messy!

Searching, I found a great looking Honey Glazed Salmon recipe which bakes both your main dish and a side dish at the same time, on one baking pan! You heard me correctly, a one pan meal that roasts in 20-22 minutes and clean up takes just minutes since parchment is nonstick! While you are preheating the oven, you have enough time to prep this quick and easy meal.

Parchment Paper Makes Family Mealtime Easier
Look at that burnt sugar mixture. Scrubbing would take hours.

You are not only saving time in the kitchen but by using Reynolds parchment paper on the bottom of your baking pan, you avoid having to add extra oil or butter. You’ll save extra calories and, for the clean-up, all you have to do is throw the paper away and rinse the baking sheet.

Say goodbye to scrubbing off stubborn leftover fish skin that has burnt to your pan – one reason I stopped cooking fish so often! Now that I use Reynolds Parchment paper when I roast in the oven, I have no excuse to for serving up the daily catch.

 Feel free to experiment with different veggies and fish selections. You have just created a gourmet and healthy meal for your family in less than an hour. Your family and waist line will thank you.


Parchment Paper Makes Family Mealtime Easier

Parchment Paper Makes Family Mealtime Easier

Check out how easy clean up of this weeknight meal will be with the help of Reynolds Parchment Paper. A must have in my kitchen.

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  1. I always forget to use parchment paper for anything other than baking cookies. Thanks for the reminder.

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  7. This looks delish! Only if you could make my fiance eat seafood! lol

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  9. That salmon looks amazing and i’ve never actually cooked with parchment. I need to try this now!

  10. Love the salmon recipe and the parchment paper is a must have.

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