Quick Tips For Scary Halloween Decorations

 Halloween is almost upon us and by now you have stocked up on loads of sweets and treats for the little monsters that will be walking the darkened streets in search of sugary goodies! Why not bring Halloween right into the home and give your bedroom the spooky treatment too with these Quick Tips For Scary Halloween Decorations

spooky halloween decorations

Ghoulish Art

Take down your pretty pictures and favorite family snaps and replace them, temporarily of course, with dark pictures of fanged bats, skeletal trees and knowing witches cats.

Do not forget to add tiny points of light or glow-in-the-dark eyes to make it seem that the walls are watching you…. Find some fun pumpkin Carving ideas.

Quick Tips For Scary Halloween Decorations

Quick Tips For Scary Halloween Decorations


Halloween Decorating Ideas and Quick Tips for Spookifying Your Home This Halloween 

Quick Tips For Scary Halloween Decorations

A Halloween Touch to Bedrooms!

Add a quirky touch to your room, by making cute additions to your bedroom. This leaves out some of the threat and horror of Halloween (which will help you to sleep better at night!) while still allowing you to enjoy the season to the full.

halloween bedroomnPhoto by Ángel Rubio from Pexels


Even your bedding can take on a ghostly air, and, of course, there is always the usefulness of a plain white sheet in making a simple ghost costume!

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Indoor Halloween lights

Make your very own eerily glowing jar, very simply. Cut the ends off some glow-sticks and squeeze out the contents into a small jar. Choose your favorite glow-stick color or mix all the colors together.

Please do check that the glow-sticks are non-toxic before you begin, never cut open anything that is harmful, toxic or an irritant. Coat the whole inside of the jar with the glowing goo, mixing in a little water to help the glow last longer. Close the lid tightly and voila, a glowing night light to add a mystical glow to your bedroom!


Scary Halloween Window Decorations with Webs

Make an enormous cobweb for one wall of your room. Using thick black thread or wool create an X stretching from the limits of where you want the web to be. Make another X over the first one, so you now have eight strands, evenly spaced.

Slowly and carefully connect the long strands with shorter ones until you have achieved the right effect. Another way to add some spooky spidery ambiance to your room is by teasing out long thin feathery lengths of cotton wool into long, trailing strands and draping them strategically near the ceiling. They cast delightfully spectral shadows and can add a ghoulish charm to any bedroom.

Halloween Decorations

Found this Halloween Craft. 

Halloween styrofoam craft
Purchase some large Styrofoam balls and either a length of orange and black tinsel or a great deal of Halloween-colored glitter, choosing glitter with large, confetti-sized pieces for preference.

Coat the balls with PVA glue, then sprinkle lavishly with the glitter, or wind the tinsel evenly around the ball. Leave to dry, then arrange the decorations on your dressing table or hang them from the curtain rail – or both!

 Decorating With Pumpkins

An exquisitely carved pumpkin is the epitome of Halloween and you do not have to fret about having a genuine vegetable in your bedroom, rotting and beginning to smell bad. You can buy plastic ornamental pumpkins, with a range of faces from cute and curious to scary and horrific.

If you want to be a bit more hands on, you can make your own pumpkin by winding wire around a balloon until you have a fairly sturdy sphere. Pop the balloon and remove the pieces, then carefully shape the wire framework into a pumpkin shape.

You can decorate your pumpkin frame any way you like, even installing small twinkling lights inside so the pumpkin glows invitingly in the dark.

Scary decorations for halloween including Witches?

Create a cunning vignette with a witches hat and cloak artfully draped over a chair or ottoman to make it seem that the resident witch has just got in from a hard day of casting spells and cackling fiendishly. A besom broom will perfect the picture and if you happen to own a black cat you can encourage your pet to linger in the area!

Quick Tips For Scary Halloween Decorations


Use one or more of the above spooky scenarios to transform your safe haven into a Halloween-ready cauldron of spooky surprises and ghostly goings-on! Your friends and family will be amazed by the transformation and only you will know how surprisingly easy and simple it was to achieve the effect.


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