Spring Flowers of Virginia That Grow Well In Richmond Virginia

Spring Flowers of Virginia That Grow Well In Richmond Virginia

After this long cold winter, the Spring Flowers in Virginia have started to bloom and I wanted to share the beauty with you all. While the daffodils were out while the snow was falling this year we are skipping straight to the amazing Pansy that can be planted in the Fall here and it will last thru the winter, even this cold winter.


Spring Flowers in Virginia


Dogwood Trees

The next flower can be found on the many dogwood trees in Springtime here in Virginia. We don’t have any pink dogwood flowers which are even more beautiful

dogwood-flowers spring flowers of Virginia



It is not Spring in the south until the Azaleas bloom. We are lucky to have Azaleas in almost every color of the rainbow.



My least favorite is white but they still are beautiful.



Yet another color of spring flowers we love in Richmond.


The multicolor Azeleas are my fav.

spring flowers of Virginia

 Tree Peony and Peony

While I love Peonies and you can read tips on how to take care of Peony bushes in this post, I was given a few volunteers from a friends parent’s plants and this one has bloomed for the last two years.

Be patient I have had these plants for 4 years at least.


This Peony Tree has blooms that are teacup size and are so beautiful I would never cut them.

A little closer to early May you can see your Peonies blooming.



How to Properly Cut Peony Flowers to Bring Indoors

Lily of the Valley Flowers



Lily of the Valley Flowers are well known for being in Bridal bouquets. I love picking a few and placing in our guest bathroom. What a beautiful smell from such a small flower.






While the Lilacs are already gone, I love bringing these in the house too. These remind me of the lilac bush in my front yard at home.




I can’t take credit for these lovely tulips, these were from the Cincinnati Zoo. Spring is definitely official when these babies bloom. Unfortunately, something ate all my tulips this year before they had a chance to bloom.

Bearded Iris



I wish I had better luck with Irises. I have many green leaves but few flowers. They are so beautiful.

Most Seen SPRING FLOWER IN Virginia

POLLEN–  Virginia’s State Flower In Spring



Unfortunately, Virginia’s 2nd state flower is pollen. While I am trying to enjoy the flowers of Spring, our allergies have another plan.

While these are only a few of these amazing Spring Flowers in Richmond, I hope they bring thoughts of warmer weather and maybe even some great memories.

CREDIT: My daughter Caitlin took several of these pictures.

Do you have a Spring flowers that brings back a certain memory?

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