My favorite Summer Outfits and other Summer Day Essentials.

If you looked in my closet right now, you would notice that my summer clothes take over most of the closet. There is something about sun dresses and sandals that make me happy. I really hate shopping for winter clothes. However, with summer also comes more exposure to the sun’s rays and heat. I decided to put together the perfect Summer Day Essentials post to share what my favorite summer outfits would look like.


Summer Day essentials

My friends will almost always find me in some sort of sundress, my favorites come from and usually have the bra already in the dress. Just one less layer to deal with. I never leave the house with some sort of moisturizer, one with SPF included is a must all year-long. 

Since I have chronic Plantar Fasciitis I need a comfortable pair of flip-flops. I no longer can buy for fashion but for comfort. I am in need of a new pair of Fit Flops. I thought these were cute enough for a dress but casual for everyday.

Other important items if I plan on being outside for any long period of time, is an insulated water bottle, Polarized sunglasses, a large  sun hat. I really love this one and think I would not mind wearing it all day not just at the pool or Beach. Most importantly,  my summer bag would have Sun Screen. I usually have several different bottles in my bag but this post is just about me.

Even though most of our sun damage was done when we were young, it is not too late to be proactive about our skin care. Check out HSN’s quick fix for any face products.  From Dull skin tone to loss of elasticity they have some recommended products.

Now that I have shared my Summer Essentials, what are some of  your summer outfits?

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