Amazing Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes Round up

Are you ready for some football? I just watch the game for the commercials because if I don’t then I am not sure wat everyone is talking about the Monday after the Super Bowl.

So if I am going to sit through a few hours of football I better have amazing things to eat. I am rounding up some Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes that are not only tried and true but also a crowd pleaser of all different ages.

May the best team win and the best appetizer get eaten!

Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes

Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes

Doesn’t this look amazing for a football themed dessert. Peanut Butter Football Dip. I guess you don’t have to just eat it for dessert.

Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes

No game day food table is complete without Cheesy Beef Nachos Recipe from Kraft.



appetizer ideas Super Bowl Themed Recipes

 Everyone loves potato skins, these Cheese and Bacon Potato Rounds look amazing.


football watching appetizers Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe from Close To Home

Super Bowl Themed Recipes

Is your mouth-watering yet over these Cheesy, Spicy Bacon poppers.  They say game day through and through.

Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes

Pizza is a must for any game day party. Arrange some pepperoni into a football, clever and easy idea.

appetizer recipes Super Bowl Themed Recipes

Spanakopita Crecent Recipe

Everyone loves a hearty dip like this Reuben Dip Recipe.  You could probably make it with turkey too.


make ahead appetizer Super Bowl Themed Recipes

Pizza Wheels a great make ahead appetizer recipe

Or these cheesy bread sticks

Super Bowl Themed Recipes

Satisfy any vegetarians in the crowd with this Cowboy Caviar

New Years Day Appetizer: Cowboy Caviar Recipe

If you can find a full watermelon this time of year, this football shaped watermelon would be a huge and healthy game day idea.

Super Bowl Themed Recipes

I wish there was a website that I could give this amazing game day food spread. Soo adorable



Super Bowl Themed Recipes

If you have kids at the party, be sure and have some kid-friendly super bowl food like these Pigs in a Blanket.

Source- Amy’s Cooking Adventures


Here is another fun way to include the kids in your Game Day festivities with 5 Layer Football Field Dip and activities.

Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes

More Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes

football brownies Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes

These touchdown brownies should be pretty easy to make. Just need a football cookie cutter.

Another super easy game day dessert idea. To make these Football cupcakes, you can even use store bought cupcakes.

Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes super bowl dessert ideas

football dessert Super Bowl Football Themed Recipes

 What a creative way to serve pretzels with these Chocolate Dipped Football Pretzels.

Or these football pretzels are super easy too. 

football pretzels Super Bowl Themed Recipes

Football Pretzels and Football jars



Super Bowl Themed Recipes

 Be sure and check out last year’s super bowl party recipe round up.

 What do you usually do for the Super Bowl? Food or Commercials?

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  1. Great recipes! Thanks for sharing

  2. Outside of the football shaped recipes, most of these are great for any sports watching party!!

  3. I can’t stand football, but I might try some of these when NASCAR starts!! 🙂 Great ideas!

  4. LOVE THEM ALL—THe football cupcakes are TOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE and I LOVE the watermelon helmet!!! =D

  5. I will be coming home from a trip with my youngest from Disney that day, will see if hubby made any preparations for our return viewing:)

  6. I know right and they are easy and can be made out of chocolate covered cupcakes at your grocery store for a quick and easy dessert idea

  7. Those football cupcakes are enough to celebrate the end of the sport! Sign me up!

  8. I want to come to your Super Bowl Party! Such creative ideas that all look so yummY!

  9. I just love the individual brownies!I just need to get a football cookie cutter!

  10. these are great ideas to use at our church souper bowl party. I like the guacamole one best.