Easy Big Game Day Snacks and Decor Ideas

Even if the stadiums look a little differently, we can still celebrate our teams with these Easy Big Game Day Snacks and Decor Ideas.

As a mom of two boys and a wife to someone who loves sports, it is hard to avoid those big football game days. I love having everyone at our house, but I don’t always have time to make everything from scratch — I want to go into the games relaxed, not ready for a nap!

Although some game days, I can sneak away without anyone knowing. With a few items in the freezer and some fun, football-themed items already at your house, you too can create a fun and relaxing party (well maybe not for the fans who are losing)

. Easy Superbowl Snacks

Easy Big Game Day Snacks and Decor Ideas

While I was shopping this week, I knew I was in for a few playoff games, so I picked up several frozen appetizers to keep in the freezer for an impromptu guest. Frozen appetizers are accessible and ready-to-go at any time and come in the flavors people look for on game day.

prepping for game night


To prep for Game Day, I made a football field vase that can hold flowers or even chocolate covered pretzels. This will be the perfect centerpiece for your appetizers and snacks.

  • Glass Jar
  • Green and White Acyrlic paint
  • sponge brush
  • thin paint brush
  • BLACK sharpie


All you need is a flat glass jar or can, green and white acrylic paint, a sponge brush, a small tip brush and a black sharpie.



Make sure your glass is clean, and then start sponging on the green paint around the entire glass jar.

Making a football vase


Allow the paint to dry completely.




Next, add your field markings with the white paint and small brush. I made eight small marks in between each line.



When this is dry, you can add the field numbers with the sharpie. DONE!


Big Game Snacks need to be both savory and sweet.

To make these football pretzels, simply dip pretzel rods into semi sweet chocolate. Allow to set completely.


Using white chocolate discs, I filled a small squeeze bottle with the chocolate to add my markings.


When ready to serve, simply add them to your vase. Since the vase was a little taller than my pretzels, I added a bit of parchment paper to the bottom of the jar.

football pretzels

These football pretzels can be made a couple days in advance if stored in a tight container. 

farm rich appetizers 1

Simply follow the directions on the box, and you are ready to serve up some game day snacks for the hungry fans at your house. We enjoyed Loaded Potato Skins which are made from hand-stuffed, real Idaho potatoes.

loaded bake potato skins

Since my husband is from Buffalo, we also tried the Buffalo Chicken Bites that are all-white meat chicken and protein packed.

buffalo chicken bites

Added to a table with some festive napkins and cups, your guests will think you were cooking all day to get ready.

big game appetizer close



Check out our other yummy big game day snacks  and Game Day Decor Ideas. 

Easy Big Game Day Snacks and Decor Ideas

Celebrate your football teams during the big game with these football themed snacks and decor ideas.


What do you like to serve at impromptu big game day parties?


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  1. Appetizers are perfect for parties! We like Farm Rich because they’re easy to prepare and have several varieties sure to please everyone! Great idea with the vase, too. I’m sure mine would be empty, because I would eat all the chocolate covered pretzels before putting them in the vase! #client

  2. Those football pretzels are so cute! I love making apps for football game viewing parties – so you can snack on a whole bunch of things instead of eating one big meal.

  3. This is such a creative idea for the Super Bowl!! Can I borrow you for a week so you can do this for me? Everything looks delightful.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love the chocolate covered pretzel football-themed idea! I might have to try them next weekend when we’re cheering on our team in the AFC Championship game. Go Patriots!