Game Day Decor: Pumpkin FootBall Candy Holder

Game Day Decor that can stay out from Halloween until the Super Bowl.  Make this  Pumpkin FootBall Candy Holder in just a few minutes.

Football and boys really are an obsession. My oldest son is 13 years-old and not until this year has been totally obsessed with fantasy football. Sure he had a large opinion when he was younger but this year he will stay up late, despite our struggles to get him back to bed, just to see if he won the games that night.

Saturdays and Sundays in our house you can usually hear a football game on in the TV room. No one might be watching the game, but several times over the weekend I am turning off the TV, just to get yelled at for turning off the game 15 mins later!

This is new for me, as a kid my father and brother would watch a little football, but golf was usually the game of choice on the TV over the weekends. 

So now that I have football enthusiasts, I have decided to beef up my game and create some fun Game Day Decor, like this Pumpkin Football Candy holder. Ever year I have added to my game day decor like this Football Field Runner or this fun Football Mason Jar Vase.  

I was inspired by the new SNICKERS® bars that have fun football themed sayings on the back. Even though Football season runs way past pumpkin season, I picked up a large and tall fake pumpkin that I found on sale to make this great DIY football decor craft. 

Game Day Decor: Pumpkin Football Candy Holder

What you will need for this Game Day Decor: Pumpkin Football Candy Holder

Game Day Decor: Pumpkin Football Candy Holder


First things first, transform your orange pumpkin into a football. Simply use the brown spray paint, I went with a gloss finish to get the lighter brown color.

Game Day Decor: Pumpkin Football Candy Holder

Allow to dry completely. Add the football strings to the front of the pumpkin with white paint. Allow to dry.

Game Day Decor: Pumpkin Football Candy Holder


Paint a goal post on the back of the pumpkin and use this as a guide to cut the opening.

Game Day Decor: Pumpkin Football Candy Holder

Feel free to add a little ribbon too to dress things up!


Game Day Decor: Pumpkin Football Candy Holder


Add Touchdown if you wish and fill with your favorite candy.


Game Day Decor: Pumpkin Football Candy Holder

Grab these football themed SNICKERS®  and SNICKERS® Crisper at your local CVS. CVS can be a one stop shop for game day so be sure to grab this CVS digital coupon to save on your candy purchases. 

Game Day Decor: Pumpkin Football Candy Holder

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Game Day Decor: Pumpkin Football Candy Holder

What color ribbon would you add to this Pumpkin Football Candy Holder?

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  1. That is such a cute idea! We love game day AND Halloween in our house!

  2. thanks I think you can still keep it out thru Jan. when the big game is on!

  3. This is such a cute idea! My husband would love this. Plus Snickers are his favorite

  4. I love this idea. It combines football, candy, and Halloween! How awesome is that?!

  5. I love this idea! I’d never even think of making them into footballs. So cute!

  6. Thanks Heather, I guess you can transform a ball looking pumpkin into any sport too!

  7. I would use whatever team’s color I was rooting for. Since it’s a ribbon, it can easily be changed out.

  8. ha ha! That is too cute!!
    What a great way to use those plastic pumpkins too.
    Passing this on to my daughter, she’s the football fan in the family and I am sure she is going to love this!