20 Delicious Appetizers for Football Game Watching

20 Delicious Appetizers for Football Game Watching

The Football playoffs have started and even though New Years has passed and resolutions are made, let’s be realistic once the Super Bowl rolls around many of us are snacking on those yummy game day appetizers and super bowl recipes. Don’t miss these 20 Delicious Appetizers for Football Game Watching. Is there an appetizer you make every year or do you search Pinterest for new Appetizer Ideas? I am not sure what we have planned for the Super Bowl yet but I am thrilled to have all these amazing Superbowl recipe ideas to choose from. 

Game Day Recipes

Check out all of these amazing 20 Delicious Appetizers for Football Game Watching


Be sure to check out our round up of  Super Bowl Snacks from previous years :

Game Day Recipes

What is your favorite Game day Dips or Game day Recipes?


  1. (Game Day Recipes and Dips Round-Up) I am finding some really great recipes for the big game day coming up soon. I am going to make that pizza monkey bread one for sure-

  2. Buffalo chicken dip is one of my favorites. I can’t get enough of it!

  3. thanks elizabeth I need to make my own grocery list.

  4. Those chipotle sliders look yummy! Excited to try them out.

  5. These all look so delicious! What a game day feast 🙂

  6. These sure will come in handy tomorrow for the PATS game! What a great roundup of yummy snacks!

  7. These all look great for parties that we have coming up. Good and simple to make. Thank you!

  8. I’m going to have to remember to look at all these yummy dishes for Super Bowl Sunday!

  9. We are not sports fan, but these appetizers would a great addition to any get together!

  10. This is a great round up. On game day it is important to have a large stockpile of delicious foods so people can splurge and enjoy themselves.

  11. Diane I am only into the food for the super bowl, football not my thing but entertaining crazy fans is

  12. The Lions are out. Sad thing too, considering they never make it in. But it is what it is,and now I can just enjoy the food. 🙂

  13. It is so that time of year that we are thinking about the big game and FOOD. Thank you for this great roundup.

  14. I’m not really into the game but I would love to try some of those game day recipes!

  15. Awesome party ideas. So much to choose from.

  16. Forget about the game! Just bring on those dips!

  17. So many yummy ideas!!

  18. Those BBQ pulled pork sliders look absolutely delicious! There are some great recipes here.

  19. YUM!! Now this is how football should be down tons of amazing food.

  20. You just made planning our super bowl party oh, so easy for me!

  21. This is a great roundup! I want to check out that Healthy Black bean, corn and feta dip!

  22. The pulled pork sliders I know my hubby and his friends would LOVE! Perfect snack for this coming weekend of playoff games!

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