Game Day Snacks : 7 Layer Nachos Recipe

Whether your team is in the playoffs or not,  most football fans will still be watching the Big Game in February. I personally love watching the commercials and getting together with friends for yummy food. My family looks for food you would find in a sports bar versus some of my more healthy dips. One of their favorite things to order are loaded nachos. However, do you ever find yourself picking up just a warmed chip with nothing on it? I decided to make a 7 layer nachos recipe that will have all the ingredients evenly layered over the chips as well as be filled with flavor to know their socks off. It includes a layer of Chili, so it’s basically a meal with all the food groups! 

7 layer nachos

If I had any leftover Chili in the freezer I would have used that but since I did not and needed the make the nachos for the same day, I purchased a can of Hormel Chili, No beans. I went with NO Bean Chili, because I was going to add a layer of non fat refried beans. You can grab a $1 off coupon here. 


Start by layering tortilla chips on an ovenproof platter or cookie sheet. I like the look of both blue and yellow chips. 

layered nachos

Warm up the refried beans and the chili separately in the microwave. First layer the refried beans then the chili over the chips. 

hormel chili coupon

Place in a preheated oven and bake until cheese is completely melted. Check after 10 minutes.

7 layer nachos recipe


Then start layering sour cream, guacamole,lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and green onions. 

loaded chili nachos

Serve up this layered Nacho recipe with lots of napkins but I guarantee it will go fast. 

7 layer nachos 4

I purchased Hormel Chili because they have been around since 1935. they are  a community whose love for chili simmers strong all year long. You can find  delicious meal-time solutions for every meal occasion. Even better I was able to save money with this $1 off coupon for Chili. 

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  1. Just made some nachos the other day and I’m ready for some more. I love a good 7 layer dip, this sounds delish!

  2. Omg! Now this is some serious foodporn!!! Nachos are the best!!! Now I have a craving for some!

  3. Yum! We love making layered dips for football games. I usually make a cold one, but I also love loaded nachos – so good!

  4. We love dips. My kids would eat anything, if it can be dipped into something they like. I’m always looking for dip inspiration.

  5. You can skip the chili or use Veggie chili. The refried beans are vegetarian.

  6. This is one of my all time favorite dishes. Actually my whole family loves it.

  7. I love nachos, but I normally eat it with guacamole. This sound delicious.

  8. What a delicious recipe! With my families love of football and fun food for the game. They will love this recipe

  9. Now this looks like one tasty football watching snack! I love me some nachos and these look amazing!

  10. Yum! This layer dip looks delish! I love that you threw in some of the blue tortilla chips. I love those! Pinning for sure

  11. Unfortunately i am a vegetarian but I do love nachos. Passing this recipe onto my carnivore friends who would love this.