Amazing Things to Do with Used Coffee Grounds and Leftover Coffee

I don’t think many of us need more reasons to drink coffee in the morning. I have realized I have started waking up craving that first taste before dealing with the first sound of “mommy”!  How to Reuse Coffee Grounds and leftover coffee will save you $$ and help your plants. 

Whether you are making those hot pots of Joe yourself or stopping by Starbucks, let’s talk Coffee Grounds. DO NOT throw them away. Coffee Grounds can be used in your garden or household and leftover coffee can be used in many ways to. 

 Amazing Things To Do With Your Used Coffee Grounds

Simply place them on a paper towel in a strainer and allow them to dry out. In these hot months, I place them outside and they are dry in a few hrs. The paper towel is reusable too once it dries out.
I collect them in a paper bag until I have a good amount to use around the house.  Trust me your plants will thank you if they could talk. It is a simple step each morning and will help reduce waste.
uses of leftover coffee grounds

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds in the Garden 

  • Sprinkle used grounds around plants before rain or watering, for slow-release nitrogen.
  • Add to compost piles to increase nitrogen balance. Coffee filters and tea bags break down rapidly during composting.
  • Dilute with water for a gentle, fast-acting liquid fertilizer. Use about a half-pound can of wet grounds in a five-gallon bucket of water; let sit outdoors to achieve ambient temperature.
  • Mix into soil for houseplants or new vegetable beds.
  • Encircle the base of the plant with a coffee and eggshell barrier to repel pests
Most Starbucks have a little box in their store that says “for your garden”.   If it is empty I am sure you can ask the Barista for some.

Crafting things to do with Used Coffee Grounds 

Make a Coffee Scrub:  Yes make gifts for friends and family with your used coffee grinds.  NO judgment here, it is a great way to recycle. 
java body scrub


If you enjoy candle making, you’ll love using coffee grounds as an ingredient. You’ll never want to use aromatic oils again – real used coffee grounds smell so much more authentic and look great when layered in candles.

As the candles burn down, the grounds become exposed and the heat releases the rich coffee aromas.  Here is a DIY.

What to do with Leftover Coffee:

You might be thinking you never have leftover coffee in the pot.  But somedays you just don’t drink as much as you normally do, or like me, my husband is traveling and I forget and make enough for two people
So how about those unfortunate days you have leftover coffee in the pot.  Are you one of those people that just throw it away and cringes at the loss of money?  Here are three ways to use leftover coffee. 

Make Iced Coffee or Coffee Cubes

what to do with leftover coffee

If you enjoy iced coffee, why not freeze the extra coffee in ice cube containers and use in your next iced coffee or blended drink.  No more watered down iced coffee.  It is the perfect solution if you use the same type of coffee for your cold drinks. 

make coffee ice cubes with unused coffee

Water your plants

Dilute the coffee with water, I do it right in the coffee pot itself and give my houseplants a splash of caffeine.

Use in Chocolate Cakes

There is nothing better than coffee and chocolate.  I love adding coffee in place of the water needed in chocolate cake recipes.   If the chocolate cake recipe calls for hot water, simply reheat the coffee in the microwave and add it to the batter. 

chocolate cake

I am going to have to adapt this Easiest Texas Sheet Cake with a little coffee too.
Not sure of the science with Decaf but worth a try! Let me know what other coffee tricks you have.
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How to ReUse Coffee Grounds and Leftover Coffee


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