Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays

When I started to host a cookie exchange party 12 plus years ago, I had no idea that it would still be going strong. More surprising is that my friends are growing more and more competitive and create Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays.

While I feel bad at times, I love that I am not throwing this party for the heck of it.

People get into the holiday and competitive spirit and endure games to win prizes not only for their game skills but also for their Cookie Displays. Yes, presentation counts a lot at this party and this year I finally had someone take photos of what I mean. 

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Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays

Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays

I don’t have the best tasting cookie category so your cookie can make someone gag, but if it’s presented beautifully and creatively you are going home with a prize.

I hope to update this in the years to come to see the setups these ladies have created. Remember, they have to drive them over so it’s not like they are doing it in the convenience of their own home.




The cookies were beautiful and she added lights and a cute glass with coffee beans and a candy cane spreader to match the cookies. 



Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays






cookie exchange dispaly










cookie exchange


Simply adding a tower of peppermint candy in a tray brings attention to the cookie that is also a pinwheel.

Stack them on 3 Tier Platters for Dimension


Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays



cookie exchange dispaly


cookie exchange display



Small, non-delicate cookies look great in a vase. Notice the magnolia leaves under the vase. A great addition to the cookie display.



Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays


Pretty impressed with this newbie one. She added the Santa clause kisses and the cookies in the middle.


Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays




Make your cookie exchange platter come alive and serve as a centerpiece to a candle! Why not as long as the wax doesn’t drip. 



This is the platter that won the most festive. The lights all around the platter really brightened up ordinary peanut balls. She did add fun sprinkles too. 



A swirl sugar cookie looks great just stacked up next to each other. 





Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays

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Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays

Even a platter of toffee, really not a cookie but we will let it pass. Throw a fun holiday decoration in the middle for an easy cookie display. 




This egg nog glass is from the 4th time winner. Not the same category but she really gets inspired. Such a cute presentation don’t you think? 

cookie exchange party platters



Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays

Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Display Ideas

This sugar cookie man platter was a last minute design. I saw the women the night before and she had not even started! The addition of the gingerbread home with the gingerbread kids all around won her a prize too. 

Christmas cookie exchange plattter ideas

For the most original cookie, these thumbprints won. This baker was also a newbie and the cookies were delicious so I am glad she won something. Displayed on a platter with festive napkins. 

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Best Cookie Exchange Cookie Displays


Its all about the cookie too.  These Christmas Tree Meringues were easy and fun to make for a cookie exchange.


Meringue Christmas Trees



This my cookie display from the year I won.. it wasn’t my party. Get the Reindeer Cookie Recipe. 

reindeer Gingerbread cookies

Which cookie display would you vote for most festive? 

best cookie exchange display Ideas

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