Back to School Treat: Edible Chalkboard Treats

Ok I might be a copy cat food crafter at times but this time I thought I would share our version of Family Fun’s Celebrate Back to School Treats. While the Chocboards are cute, they are called Chocboards because they are chocolate bars, I thought I would try something a little less sweet. 

We mixed it up and eliminated chocolate bars for a healthier version. Read on to see how we made our Chalkboard treats a little healthier for our first day of school treat. I can’t wait to surprise the kids with these back to school treats, even if they have never seen a chalk board before.

Chalkboard treats from Family Fun


Back to School Treat: Edible Chalkboard Treats


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How to Make Graham cracker chalkboard treats:



I was inspired for our back to school treat in the grocery aisle looking for something dark that I could use as a chalkboard. Not that any of our children really know what a chalkboard is anymore. I should have made white board treats! I regress. Sorry.


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Should I frost something with chocolate frosting? No that is just as bad as a chocolate bar. Can I find cookies pre-frosted in chocolate and  are rectangle in shape? NO–still full of sugar.


Then I came across Chocolate Grahams. Perfect despite the little holes. I was in a hurry so I purchased white frosting, not healthy but there is so little it is still better than the chocolate bars. I was going to make sweetened cream cheese, since my kids love cream cheese on their graham crackers.

FOR A WHITEBOARD: Use white chocolate covered graham crackers and then use chocolate frosting.  Most kids these days might not even know what a blackboard is.  I am all about old school… 

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Instead of caramels in the family fun version, I “glued” on pretzel sticks with my frosting.


back to school treats


Using a small frosting tip, I then wrote different fun sayings to celebrate our first day of school. These really would be great for any occasion at school but since I have two kids starting school today I could not resist. These chalkboard back to school treats are healthier versions so the kids can enjoy more than one.

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Do you have any special rituals for back to school treats?

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