How to Host an Inexpensive Dog Birthday Party

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Most dog owners would agree that dogs are the center of our lives. Even if we have human children, dogs can sometimes become the favorite child! I mean they don’t complain, you can leave them home alone, they don’t talk back, I think you get it. When your child has a birthday, we go out of our way to throw extravagant birthday parties. Pets deserve at least a little dog birthday party that includes some of their favorite dog birthday cakes, buddies and maybe a few gifts. Here are some tips on how to host an inexpensive dog birthday party. Head to the end of this post for a chance to win a $100 Food Lion Gift Card!!!

How to Host an Inexpensive Dog Birthday Party

How to Host an Inexpensive Birthday Party for your Dog

Invite a dog or two over and their owners for a quick but thoughtful dog playdate. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can get all the ingredients for your dogs birthday cake for under $4. You will have plenty left in your budget to buy a few toys and dog treats for your pup’s guests. You might want some drinks and snacks for your two-legged guests too but I am sure they are not expecting much as they will be watching their pups.

Food for your Puppy Party:

There are plenty of Frozen Homemade Dog Treats & Dog Cakes and homemade dog birthday cakes you can choose from. Here are some of our favorites from our Golden Retriever’s Birthdays.


Impossibly Easy Four Ingredient Dog Cake for One Impossibly Easy Four Ingredient Dog Cake for One


Blueberry Dog CupCakes Blueberry Dog CupCakes

The Ultimate List of Dog Approved Homemade Dog Treats

The Ultimate List of Homemade Dog Treat Recipes and  Dog Birthday Cakes

Party Favors for Your Dog Birthday Party

Just because they are dogs, does not mean they don’t want a little party favor on the way out. We went to our local  Food Lion and found plenty of pet options at reasonable prices in their private brand: Companion. They are in transition from changing their name from Home360 Pets to Companion so if your store has not fully transitioned you can feel confident buying either one.

Old Packaging[/caption] With the money, you are saving you can buy a few party favors for your guests. Pick up some Companion brand treats at your local Food Lion.

How to Host an Inexpensive Dog Birthday Party New Packaging[/caption]   Simply lay out the dog treats and wrap them in some tulle or ribbon, for inexpensive party favors.

How to Host an Inexpensive Dog Birthday Party

Look how cute these are gathered up in a group.

How to Host an Inexpensive Dog Birthday Party

Give them out to the guests on the way out. You really should hand these over to their owners as the pups will likely eat them all at once they smell so good.

How to Host an Inexpensive Dog Birthday Party

Why buy Companion Pet Products?

  • There is a range of trusted, high-quality pet products to meet everyday needs and save you time and money.
  • All private brand items have a double your money back guarantee
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Be sure to pin this when your dog’s birthday is coming up with great ideas. learn more about the Companion Brand at Food Lion.

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  1. When we had dogs, we would celebrate their birthdays playing outside, by the river.

  2. Make him a special treat

  3. Ummm, yah, so about that…
    Every day is like birthdays and Christmas for my Babies. LOL! ?
    But, they get extra ‘chow-chow’ (soft food) on their special day. ?

  4. We just celebrated our girl’s 7th birthday last month. We take her out for a pup cup at the local snow cone stand and then a new raw hide to gnaw on <3 She's a sweet lil baby.

  5. I throw my pet a birthday party and invite other pets.

  6. we always cook them their favorite meal (usually roast chicken or something) and have some special treat like oatmeal cookies and vanilla ice cream! usually they get a toy too 🙂 they’re spoiled!

  7. We don’t celebrate birthdays because I don’t know when any of them were born. I shelter elderly rescues and I don’t even know most of their ages.

  8. We have a birthday party — gifts and Frosty Paws.

  9. My daughters makes us go and buy him a new toy and treats. Then we take him to the dogpark and come home and he gets his gifts.

  10. Both my pets are rescues so we don’t know their exact birthdays but we celebrate their adoption days with a new toy, some treats and extra cuddles.

  11. I give the the little ones special treats.

  12. We celebrate by making homemade dog biscuits!

  13. with treats

  14. We’ve gotten them toys and treats before!

  15. We get treats for our dog to celebrate.

  16. We buy toys for pet birthdays.

  17. We buy our pets toys and treats for their birthdays.

  18. My cats always get treats an a new toy.We shop at Food Lion weekly and I love the Companion Pet Products!

  19. We always have a special treat, a doggie cupcake or some ice cream, for their birthday!


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