St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Tricks


Does your house ever see leprechaun tricks?A few years ago  our Family Fun Magazine had ideas for leprechaun Traps. The kids searched through the ideas and decided on this one. We made some gold pieces out of candy wrappers and instead of a wooden ladder we used one from a toy fire truck. The kids were quite surprised when they woke up and found that the tricky leprechaun had been to the trap but escaped.leprechaun tricks

leprechaun tricks

Here are a few other fun tricks we share every St. Pat’s Day that your kids might enjoy as well. All you need is some green food dye, a green marker, and sleeping children!!
1. A few days before St. Patrick’s Day, I observe the milk carton and when I am close to the end, I open another carton. I save the almost empty one to add green food dye the night before so the kids will be served green milk on st. pat’s morning.

2. We also leave some green food dye in the toilet bowl. I love the addition of the foot prints on this photo.

leprechaun tricks


 3.To show off the mischief of the leprechaun,many objects are misplaced and upside down in the house as well.

4. Leave out a bowl of Lucky charms or sprinkles where the leprechaun walked near your trap

5. Add a few dots of food coloring to bottom of cereal bowl, add cereal than milk. The milk will turn green while they are eating.

6.Replace all of your Oreos with green filled Oreos.

leprechaun tricks


6. Lastly, if I know the kids have been asleep for a while, I leave a little green marker mark on their face or hands and say the leprechaun has left you with a kiss.


leprechaun tricks

And Make sure you little lephrechaun are dressed for the occasion. Here is my latest festive headband creation.

This is one holiday that there are no gifts just good clean fun and mischief. Love to hear what mischief your leprechaun has done at your house.

What are your favorite Leprechaun tricks you have played on your children or class?

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  1. Absolutely love the headband. How clever are you!!!

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