25 St Patrick’s Day Crafts and Recipes


Growing up in Chicago where they dye the river green every St Patrick’s Day, I soon realized everyone is a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you have only kissed an Irish man, everyone goes out to celebrate.

Now that I have children that are both Italian and Irish I feel more obligated to make something special each year.

I have included some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day desserts, St Patrick’s Day crafts, and leprechaun activities from the years past as well as some other St. Patrick Day recipes we thought you would like.

recipes and crafts for st patricks day

St Patrick’s Day Recipes

Recipes ofr St Patricks Day

Find your pot of gold at the other side of the rainbow.  These cookies are made with sugar cookies.  Find the full Rainbow Cookies  recipe and tutorial. 

Rainbow Cookies

Not to confuse traditional Italian Rainbow cookies.  I know they are Italian but its all about the rainbow. 
Traditional Italian Rainbow Cookies Recipe
Thin Mint cookies are delivered this time of year from your girl scouts.   Keep a box handy to make these THIN MINT TRUFFLES.


thin mint truffles
St Patrick Day themed Sugar Cookies . If you kids like Lofthouse cookies these are sure to be a crowd pleaser. 


No matter what you are serving for St Patricks Day Dinner, be sure to make a loaf of this amazing Irish Soda Bread. 
Irish Soda Bread
MINT OREO BROWNIES made for St Patricks Day.   These are good any time of year but with mint Oreos, it says Erin Go Braugh all the way! 
mint oreo browneis
Nothing like taking a bite into a cupcake to see that the Leprechaun played a trick.

leprechaun tricks

We made two versions of Shamrock Pretzels    What a fun treat to send into your kids classroom or for the kids to help make. . Prefer them on a stick, then the Shamrock Pretzel Pops is what you want,. 


Make a batch of these cookies or chocolate-covered St Patrick Day Treats. 



St Patrick day treats

St Patrick day treats


Pistachio Pudding Cookies are a more sophisticated St Patrick’s Day cookie.  I am sure you will enjoy making and eating these yummy treats.  We nicknamed them leprechaun kisses!
st patick day treats

leprechaun kisses aka pistachio kiss cookies

This easy St Patricks Day Dessert starts with a box mix and comes out as the perfect citrusy lemon lime pound cake. 
st patricks day pound cake

st patricks day pound cake


Marshmallow Shamrocks


Irish Cream Brownies says it all. 

Irish Cream Brownies


St Patrick Day Crafts and Activities


crafts for kids st patricks day


St Patrick’s Day Printable (Pot of Gold Gift)

Pot of gold gift idea printable St Patricks day


Sticking with the Rainbow theme, make these adorable St Patrick’s Day Gifts with a bag of skittles. 


Skittles St Patrick Day Rainbow Treat Bag



Need a fun activity to work on your kids’ fine motor skills?  Have them string up these St Patrick’s Day Necklaces. 


Fun Activities for Kids for St. Patrick's Day

Fun Activities for Kids for St. Patrick’s Day


St Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

Get your kids in the Spirit of the Irish this St Patricks Day with these fun and Easy ST Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids.

Does the leprechaun come to your house? 

. How about trying some of these Leprechaun Tricks.

What special recipes or crafts do you make for St. Patrick’s Day?

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