Five Cute Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids Young and Old

I thought I would share this post of tasty treats to share with your kids this Thanksgiving. Put out some frosting and candy and they may not even bother you after dinner!!  These Cute Thanksgiving Desserts are fun for both the young and old. 
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I feel that once Halloween is over, retailers skip right to Christmas. Although my brain is racing with Christmas activities already going on the calendar my kids and I had time last week during the non-stop rain to create some fun Thanksgiving sweets.


Sugar Cookie Turkeys

Pumpkin pie is great but sometimes kids want something a little more familiar tasting and cute too. These Thanksgiving cute thanksgiving dessert ideas would be great for a class party or kids table as well.

I was thinking of having the kids make the flat turkey cookies as a project on Thanksgiving day while the adults prepared dinner.

Sugar Cookie Turkeys



Cute Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

What you need to make Sugar Cookie Turkey Cookies With Candy Corn 

The first Cute Thanksgiving Dessert idea is simple and you can use any sugar cookie recipe. For convenience and taste, I use the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix.

Make the Cookie dough per the directions.  Make each cookie a little larger than suggested so you get a nice plump turkey.

While Warm press down the candy corns.  This seemed to work great you just have to be careful when moving them later.



Sugar Cookie Turkeys

Turkey Cookies

We made this Turkey Cookie idea in two versions. The first easy Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie you can frost the entire cookie in frosting and then add the wings (candy Corn) or you can just put frosting on the tip to hold the candy corn and eyes.


Sugar Cookie Turkeys Sugar Cookie Turkeys with candy corn

The Second Easy Thanksgiving Desserts


The second Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie was a little more tricky not only for the kids but for me too!! I did not have double stuff Oreos and imagine that would have made this project much easier.

Simply pull apart one OREO and place filling side up. Place the second oreo on its side. You can put a little extra frosting here if you don’t have the double stuff. Then stick in the sharp side of the candy corn to the top.

Use some frosting if you need to place a whopper for the head. Cut off the sharp point of the candy corn and place a dab of frosting on the cut end and place it on the Whopper. Use some cookie decorating gel to add eyes.

THIRD Cute Dessert Idea for Thanksgiving: Pilgrim Hats

pilgrim hats   

We can not forget the Pilgrims. These were more mommy hands on!

How to Make Pilgrim Hat Cookies:

Melt some chocolate in a double boiler-I raided the Halloween stashes and cut up Hershey’s bars. I added a tsp of shortening to the melted product to make it more smooth.

thanksgiving treats


What You need to make these Cute Thanksgiving Desserts


How to Make Pilgrim Hats:

Place Fudge Stripe cookies face down on a cookie sheet. ( I bought the generic brand at Kroger, $2.00 less. I was not sure how they would taste but no complaints here. However, it has been a long time since I have had the original)


Skewer a large marshmallow and dip into the chocolate. Take the time to make it even as possible. Place the marshmallow onto the middle of the cookie.

thanksgiving cookie ideas  

 Once you are done with all the cookies, place the cookie sheet into the fridge to cool completely. Using melted yellow chocolate to make the hat clip.

thanksgiving treats

Fourth Cute Thanksgiving Dessert Idea: Pretzel Turkeys 




Ok, once I started with the chocolate and had some leftover I wanted to try an experiment and make the chocolate pretzels treats into a thanksgiving theme.

For the pilgrim hats, coat a small marshmallow with chocolate and let cool.

Place a chocolate disc onto a square pretzel. Place in a 200-degree oven for 3 to 5 minutes. Checking to see if the chocolate is melting.

Place the chocolate marshmallow into the middle of the disc. Add a mini yellow M& M for the buckle.

For the turkey, Cut red, yellow and orange regular size M& M’s in half.I found using a serrated knife was easiest. Cut off the tips of candy corn for beaks. Place 3 halves down on the melted disc for the feathers and candy corn for the beak.


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Happy Turkey baking!! What are some of your favorite Cute Thanksgiving Treats? 



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