Make Ahead Thanksgiving Sides Dishes and Desserts

 Anytime we entertain, I usually like to look at our menu and decide what can I make in advance. Traditionally we have gone to a Turkey Jam at our workout facility on the morning of Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, that time is not used cooking last-minute sides. I thought I would share 30  Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Sides and Desserts that have worked for our family and other food bloggers so you can eliminate the day of Thanksgiving cooking craziness.

Make Ahead Thanksgiving Dishes

For at least the last 15 of the 20 years I have been married I have hosted Thanksgiving at our house. I am not looking for sympathy just stating a fact. My husband and I love it and would not give it up for anything, we have gotten it down to a science until we switch up the meal. 

Make Ahead Thanksgiving Sides and Desserts


While all these are great they may be the only thing you are eating if you don’t cook your turkey the right way. We went to the experts at Butterball to get their proper cooking times for your Thanksgiving Turkey. You don’t want to get anyone sick this Thanksgiving, especially if they are overnight guests!! has a conversions table on their site where you can figure out just how long your specific weight turkey needs to defrost and how long to cook your Turkey.




make ahead thanksgiving dishes

Best Make Ahead Thanksgiving Dishes

Best Make ahead Thanksgiving sides that you can freeze or make a day or two in advance.


Make-ahead Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

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Make Ahead Veggie Side Dishes

Make Ahead Breads

Potato Side Make Ahead Dishes

Make Ahead Thanksgiving Desserts

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