Super Tricky April Fools Day Jokes with Popcorn

Not only is tomorrow April Fools Day but it is also my birthday so I feel totally compelled to play April Fools Day Jokes on my children. I guess it is my way to forget that I am in fact getting a year older. Since I needed to get this post up before April fools Day I was able to play these pranks on the kids this weekend. These tricks happen to be played with popcorn because we had it around the house and figured many of you have it too.


For the first April Fools Day Joke I was inspired by the old, put saran wrap on the toilet trick. Well my boys would not even notice this as they can’t seem to even make it into the toilet…. Plus I would end up cleaning this mess. Instead, I decided to place some press and seal plastic wrap on top of a large chip or serving bowl.


Super Tricky April Fools Day Jokes with Popcorn


Then add your popcorn or any light weight snack your family loves. 


When they reach their hands into grab a bunch they will be stopped by the plastic wrap.


What a joke on them when they can not reach any further.


If you have some left over popcorn from the April Fools Day Jokes above, then you can play it on them in the morning. Once again, you can substitute any food item for the joke. April Fools Day Jokes


Take out the original cereal from the box. Add some popcorn and close the top. And serve it like any other day.


When the kids go to pour the cereal into their bowl, popcorn will come out instead of cereal. A light-hearted way to start your morning don’t you think!


That is about all I came up with this year and love to hear any April Fools Day Jokes that you have been subjected to or plan on pulling off this year. Happy April Fools Day to you all and hope you will find laughter in a joke or to in my honor!!

Be sure and check out the Lunch box April Fools Day Jokes I have played on my kids too.



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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I have yet to play a joke today

  2. That’s really cute, clever and so funny! Love this!!!

  3. Ha! I might have to do the popcorn trick when my kids come home from school. Enjoy your birthday!

  4. Do with a corn flakes box. Tell them it must have popped in the box. After all, it is corn.

  5. Happy Birthday to you! This is a cute innocent little april fools joke. I like it!

  6. what great ideas Jamie, may have to use this idea, love love it.

  7. Ha! these are cute popcorn ideas…I think I might try that popcorn bowl one on my nephew….LOL…or maybe my Dad.