April Fools Day Lunch trick

Although this day already holds a special place in my heart as it is my birthday, this year I am celebrating a milestone, 45 year sold But I don’t think as you get older you need to stop having fun. So I am in the process of coming up with a good trick for my kids but thought I would share this one that I did last year and never posted. Be sure to check out all the other great April Fools Day jokes and April Fools Day Pranks.   I am not suggesting you be evil this April Fools Day, just have some fun with the kids in their  April Fools Day Lunch Box. 

april fools day lunch trick

I usually have a box of Smuckers Uncrustables in my freezer for those days I do not have sandwich food or just too plain lazy to make them. The night before April Fools Day, when the kids were asleep, I started experimenting.

I used a large mouthed glass cup to cut out circles out of bread. 

april fools day lunch trick
 I then cut the sandwich meat and cheese out of circles. 

 I then cut the sandwich meat and cheese out of circles.
Then I carefully opened an uncrustable and removed the sandwich. Put the sandwiches in a freezer bag and placed them back into the freezer.I put the circle sandwich together and then used a fork to replicate the pattern around of the uncrustable.

april fools sandwich 2


Put the new sandwich into the PB& J bag and reseal with double stick tape. I tell you they won’t know the difference. 

 I then cut the sandwich meat and cheese out of circles.

Bam, when the kids pull out their lunch they will be surprised that it was not peanut butter. The kids will take a bite and their brain will have a sensory breakdown. They think they are having a PB& J sandwich and you fooled them. Good Work Mom!


NOTE: Do not do this in a peanut free school you will cause an uproar!


What April Fools Day Lunch Tricks do you have up your sleeve? 

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