Clean out Your Lingerie Drawer #WomenWhoDo

Clean out Your Lingerie Drawer #WomenWhoDo


I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central forVanity Fair Lingerie. I received
 product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation and to write this post about cleaning out your lingerie drawer. 

It is hard to believe this post concludes my ambassadorship with Vanity Fair Lingerie.  As I have stated in some of the previous posts about this program, I had a lingerie drawer full of old bras that needed to be replaced. After some major cleaning, I have replaced all those useless bras with uplifting Vanity Fair Bras. I have learned that your undergarments affect not only the way your outfit will look, but also how you feel when you walk out that door. There is a strong sense of confidence when you wear the right bra and are ready to start your day. Don’t wait any longer, it is time to Clean out your Lingerie Drawer. We are sharing some great tips on how to organize your lingerie drawer. 

organize your lingerie drawer

Vanity Fair Lingerie  is committed to helping us look great every day with products for everyday wear to more fancy special occasion bras and panties. They are also committed to help women get back on their feet with their partnership with Dress for Success. I knew a little about Dress for Success but now I see the importance of the program and will be donating some clothes to our local chapter. I also purchased several bras during the BOGOGO campaign, so hopefully some women who fell in hard times, is now at an interview with a new bra. 

How many bras do you have in your Drawers?  It is time to go in there and throw out any bras that show any wear and tear. 52+txOCiPsL

Before the Women Who Do Summit this summer, I felt “comfortable” in my old bras, not really paying much attention to the look of my clothes. After our first fitting and trying some clothes on at home,  I am no longer wearing those old bras that did nothing except take up space under my shirts. Vanity Fair Lingerie really takes each women’s need into consideration and have a large selection of products for every shape and size. This motivated me to go through my lingerie drawer and clean it up. vanity-Fair-Lingerie-educaiton

 No one needs 10 white bras, mix up your drawer with some fun seasonal colors. Say goodbye to the days of  only nude and white bras. Be sure to check out the Vanity Fair collections a couple times a year to see what great colors are in for the season. I have been impressed with the amount of readers who agree with the importance of good fitting bras and like myself have not been fitted for a bra in years. 52HxoqSSsdL

Be sure your bras fit properly:

Due to the inevitable, aging and hormones,try to get fitted at least every other year to be sure you are wearing the same bra size. No more 10 year old bras filling my drawers. I am totally embarrassed that I did that. If you can’t find a bra fitting this time of year, be sure to follow these 6 steps to be sure the bras you have fit properly.   Throw out the old bras. 

6 steps to choosing the right bra

I met some amazing bloggers during this 6 month ambassadorship and I hope to continue to follow them as well. I will be constantly reminded about this relationship everyday when I get dressed and put on one of my Vanity Fair Bras. Heck, if I could I would put Vanity Fair Bras under everyone’s Christmas Tree!

As a blogger, I am grateful for opportunities like this and even more grateful to find brands out there that are not just out there for a profit but to change women’s lives. 

Are you motivated to organize your lingerie drawer now? 


  1. It’s great to go through drawers and discard old or unused items. Vanity Fair makes really nice bras!

  2. My lingerie drawer is a mess. I definitely need to do some organizing and some tossing out.

  3. I always keep my lingerie drawer fairly organized although I may have a few bras I just can’t part with. I absolutely love Vanity Fair so it’s been fun to follow your ambassadorship. Thanks for all the great info!

  4. Mine is such a mess, now I need to go organize it with these tips!

  5. Oh man, I need to do this so bad. And I need to go bra shopping.

  6. I clean mine out regularly! I stack my bras like that too!

  7. We just did a remodel on our bedroom and so part of moving back into it was organizing all of my new drawers and closets. They are pretty organized and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they stay that way for awhile. I also threw out all of my old bras and ordered new ones in the whole remodeling process.

  8. My drawer is pretty messy! Now I feel inspired to clean it up and get organized!

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