Candy Tackle Box Valentine’s Day Idea

My boys and husband are really into fishing. Several years ago we threw my middle son a fishing party.  The kind that you rent a guide and actually fish. So we decided to make these Candy Tackle Boxes.

Be sure to check out the fun fishing party cupcakes and fishing party favors. I never know what to do for my tweens on Valentine’s Day so I thought I would incorporate one their favorite pastimes into this fun candy tackle box Valentine.

Print out Valentine printables for an easy valentines like these tackle boxes or these gum themed valentines. 

candy tackle box valentine


Simply look for a jewelry bead organizer at a craft store or Walmart. I like the smaller one as you can make multiple without having to buy too much candy.


Obviously you can look at a sporting store as well in the fishing gear section of a Walmart.

tackle box idea



Head to the candy section and buy some gummy worms, gummy fish or anything that would resemble bait or tackle. Let your imagination roam!

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candy tackle box


If you really want to get into the theme and your recipient loves fishing, you might want to pick up a package of bobbers too to add to the festive looks of this candy tackle box.


valentines fishing

Fill each section with a different candy to make it look authentic. (well for my Type A fisherman at least) 


free valentines day printable


Close the container and print out and attach the free printable gift tag found at the bottom of this post. 


You have me hooked 

Attach the free printable tag with some twine (we went with bakers twine you can find anywhere these days) and the fun tackle boxes ready to give out this Valentine’s Day.


free valentine printable

What a fun and simple Valentine for older boys or in my case my husband as well. The kids will have fun making these for their friends too. This candy tackle box would make a fun party favor for a fishing party too.


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What kinds of candy would you add to this candy Tackle Box Valentine Idea? 

Be sure to pin this when it comes time to making some Valentines for your Kids! 

Candy Tackle Box Valentines


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PRINT OUT THIS  free Tackle Box Valentine printable 


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  1. I have never seen gummy lobsters, are you in Maine?

  2. This is such a cute idea and I’m absolutely loving the little printable tags! I actually just saw similar jewelry bead organizers at the dollar store. Do you think they are cheaper at Walmart? I wan’t to make these tackle boxes for my nephews!

  3. I love this idea. I could do this for my husband. He is a big fisherman. Thank you for the idea. Iknow the kids will love building this too!

  4. This is adorable! My son and husband love to fish, and this would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. I think they would enjoy a tackle box more than a flowery heart!