Easy Easter Vases Tutorial

I a recent shop at Target I realized they did not have much in the way of Easter Decor for sale. I did find some adorable jute Easter Eggs, but other than that it was mainly wreaths. How many things can you hang around your house anyway? In search for some new Easter Decor I thought I would create a simple but Easter Craft. So if you are looking for a quick and easy Easter Craft to do with the kids or maybe just to fill an Easter Table? These Easy Easter Vases are a great way to recycle glass and put some cuteness on the table. In just about 30 minutes, this includes dry time, you can create a super easy Easter Decoration.

easter vase

I set my 14 year old off to the garage to find glass jars and to paint one yellow and one white.

Well she accomplished the goal, just maybe a little less paint next time. I also wish she used old glass jars from food that did not have the labeling but these ball jars will work too.


Once they are completely dry then you can paint on the bunny and chick faces. I found that I had to lay the jars on their backs because if you use too much paint they will drip. (lessoned learned and I had to use both sides of the jar to get the face I wanted on this bunny)


Once completely dry you can either fill them with flowers or just set them among the other Easter decor you have on your table or mantel.

easter vase

I told you this is super simple and the kids can help too. I took this idea from our Football vases we made for the superbowl.

Also if you not into painting check out these easy candy Easter Vases we made this year too!

easter vase

What would you use these festive Easter Vases?

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