Halloween Food: Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Can you tell I am getting in the mood for Halloween? Really my husband was out of town on a rainy weekend so I had some time to get a little creative in the kitchen and craft room. We are bringing back this fun Halloween Food: Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

I was looking thru some old posts and saw that I had created some Halloween Food several years ago, one being candy corn rice Krispie treats but as I look back, the photography was awful and the treats only so so.

I am sharing a different method of making this fun Halloween Food idea, as well as a round-up of other fun Halloween, themed rice Krispie Treats treats for your family.

candy-corn-rice krispies standing up

I used the same technique I used when I made Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats. However, this time I made three batches of the marshmallow mixture in three bowls instead of spreading it melted among three bowls.

Start with the Outer Rim color first. I learned this from the other tutorial.

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats : Candy Corn Rice Crispies

colored rice krispies, 3 bowls of marshmallows and butter


Build your colors one by one. I found that a piece of parchment paper sprayed with Cooking spray was the best way to shape the rice Krispies into shape.

Also check out our Candy Corn Sugar Cookies. 

colored marshmallows, orange marshmallow mix

Allow them to cool completely.

candy-corn-rice kripies layered in a pan


Then simply slice them as you would a pie. Make them as wide or thin as you need. One full recipe of the Rice Krispie recipe made one 9 inch cake pan.


candy-corn-cookies vertical with some still in pan


Halloween Treats with Rice Krispies can be so fun since Rice Crispies can form into just about anything.


candy-corn-treats made out of rice krispie laying flat

Here are some other fun Halloween Treat Ideas in the form of Halloween Rice Krispie Treats.

Pumpkins are always a keeper:

pumpkin shaped rice krispie treats with a toostie roll as stem

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Simple Ghosts are perfect to make in bulk for a Halloween Party.

white chocolate covered rice krispies treats to look like ghosts

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Who doesn’t love a little Frankenstein Treat?

Frankenstein rice krispies sitting in an egg carton

Not feel crafty, how about a Halloween Rice Krispie Cake

Halloween Rice Krispie cake layered like candy corn


These witch hats are adorable.

Halloween Food witches hats made out of rice krispies



Everyone gets the idea on these less detailed “monster” rice Krispie Treats.

GO OLD SCHOOL with a twist.  Keep it simple with plain squares, but a little white chocolate and Halloween Sprinkles can make ordinary into extraordinary.  Get fun Halloween Straws. 

rice crispie treats dipped in chocolate with sprinkles and a straw inserted

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Halloween rice krispie treat ideas

What fun Halloween Food do you like to make on Halloween ?

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