Last Minute First Communion Party Ideas

Updating 5/2017 for my neighbor’s daughter’s First Communion. First and foremost, times flies. It is hard to believe that my daughter had her First Communion Party seven years ago.

I have had two other ones since, but I feel the first one is always when all the family flies in. The other two did not wear first communion dresses since they were boys so there was no tradition there.

I wanted to share some easy and last-minute first communion party ideas that will make that day a little more special.

This weekend was my daughter’s First Holy Communion and I had 10 to 15 guests in the house for any given meal. So any efforts to throw a First Communion Party were easy and many can be done last minute. 

vintage photo of girl in first communion dress and veil

Just FYI the First Communion dress she is wearing is the one my sister and I wore in the 70’s.

Here are some great Last Minute First Communion Party Ideas 

What to Serve for first communion BRUNCH:

Since mass is typically in the morning, I prefer throwing a brunch right after church. Brunch is an easy meal to prepare and most people like to get on with their day so they don’t hang around for hours after!

Here are some of our favorite Brunch Ideas that would work well for First Communion: 

First Holy Communion Party Favors:

First Communion Party Favor

Of course, I could not resist making these chocolate party favors that also served as the centerpiece. You can find Cross molds in the candy making aisle of your craft store or Amazon.

Make this cross chocolate pops over a week in advance, just keep in a cool place.

Adding melted chocolate to sucker molds


What you need to make Chocolate  LolliPops

Chocolate pops are not that hard to make you just need a few supplies to get the three-color chocolate to look nice. 

First Communion Party Favor suckers in a tin sitting on lawn

First Holy Communion Cupcakes:

  • These cupcakes are super simple and the cupcakes can be made and frozen a few weeks ahead and then defrost and dip them in the frosting the day before the party. If you don’t want to make a  first communion cake then these cupcakes are a great substitute. 
easy first communion cupcakes on a white tray. purple and pink cupcakes with white crosses piped on  


Melt store-bought frosting in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds, add coloring and dip cupcake.
Dipping mini cupcakes into melted colored frosting
Allow the frosting to harden, it will still be a little soft but shiny and solid. 
  easy first communion cupcakes pin
When dried add adornments with extra white frosting placed in a ziplock baggy. I decided to add little pearls too. 

easy first communion cupcakes pin


These easy cupcakes make an adorable addition to a First Communion Dessert Table. 


easy first communion cupcakes pin


Do you have any First Communion Traditions?


You can use any of these Last Minute First Communion Party Ideas for any occasion. 

Pin this for your next party!

Last Minute First Communion Party Ideas


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  1. These are so gorgeous! You did such a great job with the frosting too. I am so horrible at piping frosting. Love these!