Santa’s Popcorn Gift Idea

Popcorn is such an easy snack to make for parties. I have made several different varieties in the past from caramel popcorn to my favorite go to popcorn recipe, white chocolate popcorn.  Every time I make it it can be adjusted for the specific holiday by changing up the M&Ms or sprinkle colors. Both adults and kids can be seen eating handfuls of this yummy popcorn  treat.   Here is a great popcorn gift idea that would be wonderful for neighbor gifts this year. 


Easy popcorn gift ideas

While I know that the flavor will be a hit I wanted to make a presentation that I could serve at parties or give as gifts. When I was creating the  teachers holiday survival baskets I also found these colored tins at the  Dollar store. Red and Green for Santa and elf baskets will be the perfect solution to serve up this festive snack.  Santa popcorn.

These popcorn containers can easily be made as you are waiting for the   Chocolate popcorn to set. I simply painted on belts and buckles. You can get the buckets  here. 

white chocolate popcorn

Fill with your popcorn recipe and either display on a dessert table or wrap up for gift giving. 

santas popcorn

Santa’s Popcorn Gift Idea

If you love popcorn be sure to check out our white Chocolate popcorn recipe,  our Star Wars Movie Mix  or learn how to make a movie night popcorn bar.   They are all great popcorn gift ideas. 

What else would you serve up in these DIY Christmas Crafts? Which do you like better Santa or the elf buckets? 

What type of food gifts do you like to give and receive over the holidays? 


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  1. Such a cute idea. I need to do something like this for my daughter’s Christmas party tomorrow.

  2. The Santa buckets are so cute! My mom really likes her popcorn and this would be a great gift idea for her.

  3. Ok this is such a cute and easy gift idea! I love it. We LOVE popcorn around these parts so my kids would have a lot of fun making them.

  4. I think these are adorable for gifts! My kids want everything coated in white chocolate at Christmas, so we will have to try this recipe!

  5. Love this idea! We give cookies… sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies and fruitcake cookies

  6. Love to see your gifts.. send us a picture and I can post it.

  7. I’d have to say that I like to give cookies. We have so much fun making and decorating them!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. SO CUTE! I peeked at all your popcorn recipes, too, and I think the white chocolate is my favorite. I needed a homemade gift for next week — and this one wins! It helps that I already have the bucket to decorate! Off to paint now. 🙂

  9. I Like to give bread and cookies but love to receive chocolate. I must go get your recipe for this it looks like fun.