Simple Earth Day Activities you can do for Everyday

It is hard to believe some people only think about the impact on the environment one day a year, Earth Day. While we are not a totally green family, there are often things thrown in the trash that could have been recycled, my kids leave the lights on a lot I think you know what I am getting at here. I just thought I would share some Simple Earth Day Activities you can do not just for Earth Day and but everyday to preserve our environment. Many of these earth day activities don’t cost very much and may even save you a few dollars a year!!

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The top four things you can do daily to be more eco-friendly is to:

  1. Recycle-check out some kid friendly recycling crafts and activities here
  2. Repurpose items from your home- or buy from a second hand store. Here is one up cycled craft I did from home and one repurposed furniture project from things from second hand store
  3. Source local materials–from food to furniture you can find local providers 
  4. Have a garden either vegetable or simply herbs grown inside


Go green this Earth Day by looking into these simple green tips

Green tips for the whole family

  • Take off your shoes when entering the home. You are dragging in any pesticides or cleaning products you may have walked in that day
  • Turn off the lights when leaving a room
  • Shut off the water when brushing your teeth
  • Wash clothes in cold water not hot
  • Make sure garage door closed while kids playing outside:  Heat and cold will escape thru this large open space under your home. (at least at our house)
  • Pack your kids lunch with reusable sacks and containers
  • Carry around a refillable water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles


I am sure I have missed several everyday green living tips and would love to hear how you go green on Earth Day and every day.






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  1. Thanks for the tips. I do a few from your list but there are definitely some things that I should be doing.

  2. It is important to think about ways to make the earth better and to cut down on things that are wasted.

  3. We recycle, my kids carry lunchboxes to school, and we compost! Trying to keep the earth beautiful in our own little way.

  4. We definitely try to make Earth Day every day, and focus on awareness when the actual day itself rolls around. I think it’s a great time to refocus and revisit your reasons for going greener, and maybe adopt a few of these habits. Great tips!

  5. I love these tips! Every day should be Earth day! 🙂

  6. I love the idea of using eggs! It’s not only beneficial, but cute too.

  7. That is definitely a great way to recycle egg shells. I so need to do this with my kids.

  8. We try to be earth friendly every day of the year. I love the egg shell idea!

  9. We are hoping to plant some tees this weekend.

  10. I have to remember those recycling activities. The egg shell planters could be a lot of fun!

  11. Great tips! Sometimes things as simple as turning off the water can do so much!

  12. I love the plants in eggshells! We have chickens and that’s a great idea!

  13. I have been saving our eggshells to use in the garden. I like the idea of planting seedlings in them too.

  14. Earth Day should be everyday. One way I try to help the planet is to reduce my carbon footprints. If I’m going something that’s withing walking distance .. I usually leave my car at home and just walk . All the fumes from the car is not good for the O-Zone layer

  15. We have to take care of our Earth. We only have one. Thanks for this thoughtful post.

  16. Great ideas! I need to try using the coffee grounds in my garden. I have always wondered about that.

  17. I have just started collecting coffee grounds as the weather is warming up here!!

  18. Oh these are all such great ideas! We did our first container garden last year and had so much fun with it! I am so excited to start it up again here once it gets a bit warmer. I love the idea of the coffee grounds as fertilizer! Great idea! Every year for earth day we plant a tree seedling. Has been so fun to watch them each grow every year!