Spring Table Decorations Ideas: Pinterest Round Up

 I wanted to create Spring Table Settings that were both beautiful and easy. We recently had a dinner party and I needed to use my grandmother’s china because we were expecting more than 12.

It is very floral which was fine because I think we are all a little tired of this wintry weather we are having. Here is a combo of both designs we created at home and spring table settings I found on Pinterest.


spring decor ideas

Since this was a last-minute get-together, I was asking everyone to bring something. PotLuck is really the best way to entertain as it takes a lot of stress off the hostess and everyone feels like they pitched in.

They also take their dirty dishes home with them!! I went to the grocery stores looking for floral ideas and then to Home Depot. I finally found a local florist that sold blooming plants and I purchased one for each couple attending the party

Spring Table Decorations Ideas:  Pinterest Round Up

The florist wrapped each pot in foil so the dirt would not go on the table, and I think it looks so much better. I also put a foil chocolate on each plate and guys had to go to a Green Chocolate and Girls to a Gold one. You were not able to sit next to your spouse either. Mixed up conversation for sure!



I added a few tea lights and center candles for a casual but romantic Spring table. This picture was taken once the party started so not the greatest photographers under the influence:)



We also hosted a wine party that I was inspired to use spring flowers for a spring table look.

wine party centerpiece wine themed party dinner settings

Now for other spring and Easter Table decor ideas we found on the web.

To start we love this Easter Vase Idea-filled with our favorite Easter Candy.

easter vase

Don’t have enough matching vases, no worries use any cleaned out bottles from your recycling bins.

easy spring tables

A great way to use a potted plant as the main centerpiece of your Easter Table.


For this Easter Decorating Idea, use some eggs at the planters. Walmart sells white Plastic ones so you don’t have to worry about blowing out yolks. Check out this post for more Easter Egg decorating ideas.


Easter Table ideas


This table setting screams Spring with a simple Radish.


Spring table setting

Or as simple as a teapot filled with spring flowers you might already have in your yard.

Spring table



Here is another super easy and inexpensive Spring Table Decor Idea.




This Spring Table Decoration can be used year after year.


Spring table


Another great way to use plastic eggs in these simple Egg vases, great for Easter Brunch Decor.


Easter table


We all have teacups, why not fill them with a single complimentary tulip down the table.





Wonder why have not done this spring table idea, inverted wine glasses, so simple yet clever at the same time.




Here is one all decked out for an Easter Table. Check this out for more DIY Candle Ideas


easter table



Carrots ready for the Easter Bunny on this Spring Table




UPDATED: 3/2015 here is a fun way I displayed pussy willow branches from my yard. Simply fill a vase with plastic eggs, solid one ideally, and then add your branches.



Here is a closer shot.


spring decor

 What do you like to use in your Spring Table Decorations?


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  1. These center pieces are absolutely gorgeous. Love the purple ones. My favorite color

  2. All of these are wonderful. I love the use of the eggshells. Those carrots look gorgeous like that.