20 Mouthwatering Flavored Popcorn Recipes

Popcorn is such a versatile food. From decorating  with popcorn in the fall to eating at the movie theater. However if you recently did a search on Pinterest for flavored popcorn recipes you would see a lot more than just butter and salt.

Since we are big popcorn people and I have experimented in the past with different flavored varieties I thought we would celebrate National Popcorn Day with a round up of some of my favorite looking and tasty flavored popcorn recipes . 


I have also seen the value of paying for the more expensive popcorn. I have purchased the store brand before and everyone notices it. Sometimes it tastes stale.


Only buy as much as you can reasonably go thru as well. If not stored properly popcorn can get stale and you will taste it in the end product. 

Flavored Popcorn Recipes are a favorite treat! This list of 20 Mouthwatering Flavored Popcorn Recipes will be perfect for your next party or movie night!

20 Mouthwatering Flavored Popcorn Recipes

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Enjoy the great flavored popcorn recipes we have created, as well as some of our favorite bloggers have shared! Whether you are making for National Popcorn Day, or simply want a unique treat for your movie night this weekend, this list has something for everyone.

                                          Yummy Snickers Popcorn recipe  Source: cookiesandcups.com  

                                              Make a Popcorn Cake like this one from  cookiesandcups.com


Have you ever thought of making  Popcorn Snowmen? Ok just the cups but they are so adorable for a snow day movie. Especially for watching a movie like Frozen with the kids!

Cookies and cream popcorn is another great treat. Everyone loves the combination of salty and sweet, but this creamy chocolaty treat is perfect for using crushed Oreo crumbs!
Oreo Popcorn
popcorn mix valentines day
Of course plain white chocolate covered popcorn is always tasty too. Just grab some fun colored sprinkles and white chocolate candy melts to create one of my favorite flavored popcorn recipes! 
Star Wars™ Popcorn Mix Recipe
Let the force be with you when you make this Star Wars Popcorn Snack mix.  This is ideal for your next Star Wars Birthday Party!  
Avengers Popcorn recipes

More fun with flavored popcorn recipes and gifts:

For your next movie party, think about setting up a fun Popcorn bar.  Provide festive bags and candy so each guest can create their own favorite flavor combinations. 
popcorn party favors
Make party favors with popcorn. Everyone loves it and with the free baby show printable these baby shower party favors are made in a snap. 
popcorn-bar recipe -idea
Get ready for the big game with a football themed popcorn bar. This time instead of plain popped corn, we made an easy caramel popcorn to mix with these tasty chocolate treats. 
This Valentines Day consider making some fun Red Velvet Popcorn like this recipe from Inspired by Charm. 
Our family loves muddy buddies. Check out this recipe for Muddy Buddy Popcorn from Six Sisters’ Stuff. Talk about unique popcorn recipes. 
microwave popcorn
Why by microwave popcorn at the store, make it at home and be in control of what goes inside. Two Healthy Kitchens shares how to make this homemade microwave popcorn recipe
Who says you need to eat popcorn out of a bowl. Take a bite out of these Caramel Popcorn Marshmallow bars  from Uncommon Designs as a great flavored popcorn recipes to try!
20 ways with popcorn
My kids might start asking for this Peanut Butter and Jelly Popcorn Recipe in their lunches from Homecooking Memories. 
Maybe you want to boost your nutrition in your popcorn snack, April Go Lightly makes a Snacking Popcorn and Chia Recipe. 
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I would first repost this PopcornTreat we made for our kids teachers last year. It was a big hit, super easy and inexpensive. All the things I love.

Martha Stewart of course takes popcorn to the next dimension by creating a wreath with popcorn

I could not let you go without sharing how to make movie theatre popcorn recipe at home.
Movie style popcorn recipe
So grab your poppers or microwave bags and have a bite of one of our flavored popcorn recipes in Celebration of this day!! Let me know what is your favorite way to eat popcorn?

What are some of your favorite Popcorn Recipes?


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  1. I just bought some popcorn from the store yesterday for the first time in forever. Good timing! I LOVE those snowman cups! You’re right, it would be so much fun on a snowday!

  2. So many great options! I never would have thought to make popcorn into a cake. How different! It’s probably really good, though.

  3. I NEED some snickers popcorn! And that snowman popcorn would be so much fun for my kids!

  4. YUM!! I have a great recipe for Smores popcorn! it is a family favorite. So many great popcorn ideas!

  5. I am not a huge fan of flavored popcorns. I like plain old butter and salt but I do like kettle cooked corn. Yum!

  6. All of these wonderful popcorn recipes sound amazing! I am going to try some of these for National Popcorn Day!