Easy and Edible Easter Decorations

What is better than Edible Easter Decorations… No worries on where to store them after the holiday is over. I always get in trouble when I need to run an errand in between my kids activities and find myself at Target.

While going in quickly, purchasing the item I needed, and leaving would be the right thing to do, I always seem to linger.  Well this time I found myself in the Easter section and decided to create some easy and edible Easter decorations that don’t take much time and wait for it, money either…

These could be both easter decorations or great teacher gifts as well. 


What you need for these easy and Edible Easter Decorations or Easter gifts:


This is so simple you are going to laugh but I thought these decorations make the perfect yet simple Easter Theme to your decor. Plus who doesn’t love a chocolate bunny?

If you prefer not to use edible Easter grass you can use the green crinkled paper. And simply just add your “grass” to your mason jar. Fill with chocolate Bunny and other candy.


You are done, could not be easier. You can display them on candle stick on the middle of the table.

Or simply add some ribbon and a paper top and you have a cute teachers gift. It is simple and that expensive. It is like two gifts in one, candy and a mason jar that you can use for so many things!


I then got a little carried away and decided to decorate a little around the house. Well only with my hurricane candle holder which I like to change up seasonally. 


Simple but to the point don’t you think?

Here is it actually on my coffee table.


Who do you think would enjoy one of these Easy and Edible Easter Decorations? Will you be making them for yourself or to give as gifts? 

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  1. Super cute! Love it…and kids too! Pinned!

  2. Oh what cute Easter crafts. The bunnies in a holder make a great display.

  3. These are cute! Love the edible grass, great ideas for Spring crafts.

  4. I am really looking forward to Easter and spring and I have already started decorating I love your ideas and will probably try to incorporate some in my home decor

  5. Love it as the teacher gift! So cute!

  6. Oh I have all of those items on hand besides the candy. I could definitely put up Easter decorations. Thanks

  7. It is always nice when decorations can be multipurpose. So when you made edible arrangements that are beautiful and edible at the same time.

  8. Cute decorations – I love to decorate for the holidays. Easter has the best candy!

  9. I love the chocolate bunnies in the jars. Though we may need a lock and key so people around here don’t eat them instead.

  10. These are some really cute ideas for Easter. Thanks!

  11. Sweet ideas. Looks great and tasty,

  12. That is an easy way to add a little Easter to the environment. I like it, and your’e right, everyone likes a chocolate bunny. 🙂

  13. I love Easter decorations. The colors are my favorite.

  14. I love Easter! These decorations are so lovely!

  15. I always buy those egg shaped candies! They are so tasty!

  16. I love this idea so much. And who doesn’t love chocolate. What a great teacher gift as well.

  17. What a cute idea! My kids get way too much candy at Easter, this is a nice simple idea!

  18. I think the bunnies in the jar are so cute! That is an amazing Easter gift idea!

  19. I love the idea of edible centerpieces! So cute!

  20. These are just darling. I will have to look into some for my kids on Easter

  21. What an adorable idea for Easter! I was not aware they even made edible grass!

  22. I love using Mason Jars for decoration! And, edible decor is always fun! These would indeed make an adorable teacher’s gift for any spring celebration!

  23. I believe the best decorations are the ones you can eat! These look great!

  24. Edible arrangements are dangerous in my house. I would totally eat these.

  25. I loove Easter Eggs and treats! I completely forgot we were approaching the Season until I saw your post

  26. We host Easter dinner, so guess what I am going to be making the night before? LOVE your ideas.