Make Ahead Meals to Bring to New Moms, Families Etc

When there is a mom/ woman in need, girlfriends are always there to help out.  When you are in your 20/30’s you are bringing food to friends with new babies.  Later in your 40’s 50’s and beyond it is for deaths, illnesses, divorce etc.


make ahead meals to bring to new moms


No matter the occasion happy or sad, a meal at the door can make the person take a deep sigh of relief from their day.  Here are 20 meals to bring to families. 

How to Set up a Meal Train

When bringing or setting up a signup genius for a friend, be sure and

  • Ask them about allergies and food dislikes
  • How many days a week they need food.  Most likely they will have leftovers.


  • Determine a time frame to drop off the meal, or have a cooler outside the home to collect the food.
  • Have people predetermine what meals they might bring.  This helps eliminate 12 pulled pork dinners. Things change but at least people can start getting creative.


  • Make sure participants bring food in disposable food containers when possible.  Nothing worse than a new mom having to do 10 casserole dishes and then driving them to their respective homes. 
  • Have friends who don’t like to cook, order pizza or buy a heat and serve meal from the grocery store. 


Make Ahead Meals to Bring to New Moms, Families etc

Meals that transport well and are perfect to bring new moms, sick neighbors or people just needing some meal help. Great Make ahead Meals to bring families that are easy enough to make 2 to feed your own family.


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