20 Make Ahead Meals for Beach Vacation

20 Make Ahead Meals for Beach Vacation

Renting homes for vacations can be economical plus it gives our family of 5 plenty of moving room.  Or maybe you have your own beach vacation home, either way making meals is part of the vacation.  20 Meals That Travel Well for Your Beach Vacation that you can make ahead! 

Besides the kids and luggage, here are some Make ahead dishes that will limit the time you spend in the kitchen on your beach vacation.

20 make ahead meals for beach trip

A true vacation for me there would be no cooking, cleaning or laundry. But when you rent a vacation home this is not always the case. 

Make Ahead Dishes for Beach Vacation

Unfortunately traveling with the family usually means all of this. I sometimes say I am a mom in a different house.

Don’t get me wrong I love renting a house in a beach/lake location and enjoying the change of scenery and activity. However, I don’t want to spend the whole week cooking  3 meals a day. I asked around Blogland for their suggestions of what make-ahead dishes and recipes they make that are easily frozen and transported.


Fellow Bloggers Vacation Dinners that Travel Well 

 Make any of your favorite pasta sauces and freeze them in the serving sizes that you need. I know I don’t want to spend hours simmering sauce while others are at the beach. 

11. Nicole from Some Call it Natural: suggests Alfredo Sauce that can be frozen in small bags flat in your freezer for easy transport.

12. Diane from Di Dooldlings likes making Spaghetti Pie. Her version is gluten free but you don’t have to make it that way.

13. Dede from Savings in Seconds suggests taking along a crock pot and just adding some canned goods for a delicious and inexpensive soup. Ham and Bean Soup

14. Cheryl from Moms and Munchkins suggests these turkey burgers in a tomato sauce. They look delicious and they freeze well. They taste even better when paired with potatoes.


Other easy entrees include putting chicken or pork tenderloin in a marinade in a Ziploc bag and freeze. You can also make any type of meat patty and freeze them in Ziploc bags, just separate the layers with parchment paper. Just make sure you have a good cooler to transport them in.

15. Grilled Shrimp Tacos
16. The Best Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe



16-18 I love making any quick loaves of bread ahead of time and freezing them. You can just take them out the night before to defrost for a quick breakfast treat.

19. Don’t just think about dinner make ahead, Nicole from Some Call it Natural suggests this great Pumpkin Bread, which can be made ahead and then be eaten as easy breakfasts. 

20. Amanda– from Guide for Moms I make a batch of these  Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Protein Pancakes all the time and then heat it up for breakfast during the week. Great Idea you can sleep in and the kids can just heat up breakfast!  

Close to Home Make-ahead Meal Ideas For Vacation

Make Ahead Dishes for Beach Vacation


10 Meals that Travel Well for Beach Vacation

Don't spend hours in the kitchen on your vacation. Even if you are spending your vacation at a home, make these meals That travel well that you can make ahead of time of time and bring them with you


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What is your favorite road trip make ahead meal idea?

Have a wonderful rest of the summer!


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