Snow and Valentine Activities

Snow and Valentine Activities

The weather is sure wild in the south. Feels like I am in the movie The Year Without a Santa Clause where it is snowing in the Southtowns. Saw some of my friends in Atlanta’s pictures from yesterday. I am not quite ready to start decorating and crafting our Valentines so I thought I would share some of our Winter and Valentines Crafts from last year. How do you like to spend time inside when you can’t get outside. I don’t mind a day or two, but in Richmond, an inch of snow usually means one or two days out of school. 


snowman cookies


heart cookies



Valentines Day Layered cookies in a Jar make is a great way to say thank you to a teacher, babysitter or neighbor this valentines Day

Valentines Day Layered cookies in a Jar





chocolate covered strawberry




  1. I love the cookies in a jar for V-Day. I’ll have to do that for Cole’s teacher. The recycled crayons are way cool!

  2. I love the crayons and the ‘you bake me happy’ cookie container. Now following you from the Wed blog hop. Come follow me when you get a chance

  3. cute stuff!!
    i follow-
    please gollow back!

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my site! I am now your newest follower! I am looking forward to browsing more! I just love these ideas. Too fun!


  5. new follower here on welcome wed. blog hop. i made recycled crayons before at school and the kids had a blast until the little toaster oven we were using caught on fire!! 😉

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