The Well Stocked Pantry (For Anytime of Year)

Keeping a well-stocked pantry is something we should practice all the time. Even more so now with the coronavirus. With the chance of schools closing and people being quarantined, having a pantry full of items, you can cook with no matter what is essential. 

We thought we would share items and recipes for things we always keep stocked and will come in handy if you can make it out to the grocery store.  Pantry for me is not just dry goods but things in your freezer too. 

stock pantry for coronovirus



Frozen Meats

Our freezer is stocked with chicken breasts, ground turkey and beef and pork tenderloins.  To make life even easier, marinate some of these items before freezing for a quick meal idea.  

Our Fresh Herb Pork Tenderloin utilizes fresh lemons and herbs so make this and freeze it with the marinade while you still can get fresh fruits. 

Make and freeze Meatballs for easy meatball subs or pasta and meatballs. 


well stocked pantry



Not everyone is a fan, but we have a stack of canned tuna fish in our pantry.  It makes a quick sandwich or main dish like a Tuna Casserole and keeps forever in the pantry. 

Canned chicken comes in handy too. One of our favorite quiche recipes, Chicken Enchilada Quiche utilizes canned items and a frozen pie crust. 

My mom always has sardines and anchovies on hand too for a quick protein meal or snack.  


Have a selection of canned and dried beans.  An instant pot comes in handy if you want to make homemade beans.  Beans are full of fiber and make great soups like this  Lentil Soup or a slow cooker Split Pea is a welcome lunch or dinner in our house.  

Add canned black beans to taco meat to serve more people and add fiber.  Plus canned and dried beans last forever in a pantry. 


Speaking of soup, Meat or veggie broths are a great thing to have on hand.  From Soups to sauces we use a lot of broth in our home.  Make some Chicken Noodle Soup mixture and make it on demand. 


Keep a variety of different pasta shapes on hand for easy meals.  Grab a few boxes of mac and cheese too.  It’s not just for kids and with the addition of a can of tuna and cream of mushroom soup, you have a tuna casserole.

Risotto is a great meal to make and rice can be added to soups and casseroles too. 


If you can’t get out to the grocery store to buy fresh fruits and veggies, freezer ones work great too.  From smoothies to soups these will get used and stay a long time in the freezer if packaged correctly. 

Fresh onions and garlic have a long shelf life so save freezer space for items that go bad quickly. 


I am not a big fan of canned veggies. At least not since the kids stopped eating canned green beans. However, we have a pantry filled with canned tomatoes (all different types, sauce, paste and diced) as they can be used in soups, sauces or pizzas. 

Canned mandarin oranges make any salad pop but I can eat them out the can.  Pineapple and peaches are tolerable when you can’t get the real thing just look for the ones in their own juice vs heavy syrups.


If you are not a big cook or worried if the cook in your house gets sick, have some extra cans of canned soups and pasta your family will eat.  They have a long shelf life and are always needed at food shelters or food drives. 


Most people can live off peanut butter or nut butter if you have allergies.  You can add them to noodles or smoothies for a change of pace too.

  Peanut Powder is another great thing to have on hand. 


Flour, sugar, and yeast are always in my pantry.  Make your own bread and quick bread.  A box or two of Brownie mix can create a number of desserts. 

Butter can be frozen if you buy too much.  It comes in handy during big baking months like November and December. 


Blocks of cheese have a longer shelf life than shredded.   You can freeze shredded cheese and use it in casseroles or mac and cheese recipes. 


Buy boxed milk or organic milk with a later expiration date.  I have never frozen milk and probably won’t ever. 

No matter what you decide, having food in your home for 2 weeks is not a bad idea. Especially if you do it so you are not wasting a lot of food. 

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