30 Family Friendly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes for Lent

Lent has begun, it is time to start thinking about meatless recipes. As a Catholic during the Lenten Season we are asked to abstain from meat on Fridays. Meatless Recipes for Lent.
While we are not a meat and potatoes family, but it can get pricey and boring to serve grilled fish every Friday to feed a family of 5. I was a vegetarian in my twenties but that was a lot different than feeding 5 people without an animal protein.
I thought I would share some of my favorite meatless or vegetarian recipes as well as some from other blogger friends to provide some vegetarian/meatless meal ideas for this Lenten Season. Really these recipes are great all year round as eating at least one meatless recipes meal a week will also help lower your grocery bills.
Which of these 30 Family Friendly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes will you try first? 
30 Family Friendly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes for Lent

30 Family Friendly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes for Lent

Macaroni and Cheese

What child will not eat macaroni and cheese and by nature it is meatless? I feel so much better when I make it from scratch so I can control the sodium as well as add some fiber by using whole wheat pasta on occasion.
I have made two different mac and cheese recipe versions , Emeril Lagasse’s and Mickey Mouse!   Also a creamy shrimp mac and cheese recipe. 
mac and cheese recipe


Pizza is always an easy way to serve up a meatless recipes meals.

Give your family a real treat with this Chicago Style Pizza Recipe. Just skip the pepperoni and sausage. 

meatless meals

Our favorite meatless pasta recipes:



meatless dinner

Hearty Veggies substitutes

vegetarian recipe

 Tofu-it may take getting used to but a great source of protein when cooking vegetarian recipes

meatless dishes


BEANS-an easy substitute for meat

meatless soup recipe

beans and shrimp


Fish Recipes



Pie and Egg Vegetarian Recipes

quiche recipe


Curry is a flavorful way to flavor up your vegetarian entree.


What are some of your favorite VEGETARIAN recipes to share for Lent? 



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  1. I attempt to make at least two meatless dishes each month so this recipes are fantastic. Seriously, I was drooling by the creamy shrimp mac and cheese recipe.

  2. Oh my goodness! These all look so tasty, I should try and make mac and cheese from scratch sometime. And that shrimp looks delicious!

  3. I’m not a vegetarian but I prefer vegetarian meals. Drives my husband crazy, haha. Lots of recipes for me to try, thanks for sharing!!

  4. So many great recipes! I’d love to try the Roasted Red Pepper, Feta and Spinach Quiche, it looks so delicious! I also love different pasta dishes!

  5. My family is not vegetarian, however, for the meatless Fridays of Lent, I usually make fish or any other seafood dish. My family loves baked mussels with lots of cheese and roasted garlic. Fish fillet with tartar sauce is also another family favorite. Of course, there is always shrimp scampi.

  6. Most of these sound very tasty (just not the Tofu PLEASE). I really should try to make my own Mac & Cheese one of these days.

  7. Meatless recipes are great all year too. My family and I eat meat, but not all that much. I love making meatless meals all year.

  8. I am a Catholi but don’t do meatless for Lent. My Mom does, and is always looking for different meal ideas that aren’t the same old same old.

  9. Episcopalians follow this as well during lent. One of my kids does not eat any meat so I am always looking for meatless ideas. thanks for all the recipes.

  10. Great ideas! I am always looking to add more vegetarian meals to our diet.