20 Easy Weeknight Slow Cooker Recipes

Kids are back to school which means a lot of after school activities that keep you out of the kitchen for meal prep.  Every August as I head back into the classroom myself I try to come up with meal plans each week.

When the weather gets cooler, that usually means adding 1 or 2 crockpot dishes to the rotation. Slow cooker recipes are perfect for putting on before you leave for work and coming home with very limited meal prep.   Maybe shredding meat or adding a dairy product to thicken a sauce.

 Here are some of our favorites that we hope your family will enjoy too.  Also check out our Easy Make Ahead meals for weeknights. 

Crock pot dinners for weeknights

Easy Weeknight Slow Cooker Recipes. 

Easy Weeknight Slow Cooker Recipes

Prep dinner in the morning and put all the ingredients in your slow cooker for easy weeknight meals. Crockpot dishes that your kids will enjoy.

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