20 Easy Desserts for A Crowd

If you entertain in large groups, desserts should be the easiest course to make.  With most desserts for a crowd are make ahead, you can prep many of these the day before if not the week of and freeze.

20 easy desserts for a crowd

So whether you are looking for desserts for a crowd of 50 or a crowd of 10, we hope you will find an arsenal of recipes to feed a crowd with little effort.

If you are looking to set up a dessert bar for a crowd of 100 you will want to make several different recipes listed below to provide variety in your baking and meet a lot of different tastes. 

Easy Desserts for A Crowd

Easy Desserts for A Crowd

Whether you need desserts to feed a crowd of 50 or 100 or even just 10 people we have a great selection of some of our favorite dessert recipes that will not only feed a crowd but are make ahead desserts for a crowd.

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