75 Mouth-Watering Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Can we just say Chocolate Chocolate everywhere? Nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate. I have rounded up a few mouth-watering chocolate dessert Recipes from both my own blog as well as Pinterest.

I apologize in advance if you are on a diet because you might just get hungry scrolling through this post. Grab a glass of milk while you search out your favorite Chocolate Dessert Recipes.


75 Chocolate Dessert Recipes

These  Chocolate Tacos look amazing and I think I will try them using my Pizzelle machine which will probably be a little easier to form.

Tell your family you are having tacos for dinner this Valentines Day and they will never think of them the same.

Mouth-Watering Chocolate Dessert Recipes


If you love the flavors of Snickers candy bars and brownies, then create this delicacy of Snickers Brownie Ice cream Cake. Don’t think you can eat someone small sliver of this.


Chocolate brownie Ice cream cake recipe


Here is one of our Ice cream cakes that is super easy but fills the chocolate cravings. 


oreo ice cream cake


Looking for a super easy Chocolate Frosting to cover your favorite cake? Don’t miss out on this super easy chocolate frosting recipe.

Easy Chocolate Frosting


I have seen Cookie Dough balls before but these take that favorite one step ahead. Will you consider making this Cookie Dough Stuffed Brownie Truffles? I like that they are portion controlled  LOL

Chocolate chip truffles recipe


We made these cookie dough balls and these chocolate chip cookie balls, both the perfect mouthful of chocolate and cookie! 


chocolate cookie dough balls recipe 4


So maybe Mexican is not your thing, why not Italian food for Valentine’s Day. Serve up some of this mouth-watering chocolate dessert, Chocolate Lasagna, from Center Cut Cook.



Need an easy no bake Dessert option, we love these Chocolate Caramel Tartlets, that take less than 20 mins to put together.

caramel Chocolate tartlet2



One of Staying Close to Home’s most popular chocolate dessert recipe is for this Ultimate Chocolate Pie.  I am craving it right now.


Mouth-Watering Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Serve these up to any chocoholic and they will forever be grateful. Chocolate dessert recipes.


If it is a pie and has chocolate as an ingredient then it gets listed here.


Craving a cookie that has the flavors of chocolate then we have you covered.


From birthday cakes to cheesecakes filled with chocolate goodness.

Want to feed a crowd this Valentine’s Day, no worries the next two chocolate dessert recipes will fit the bill. Better than Sex Cake is so rich you only need a small piece.

chocolate cake

This Easy Chocolate Bar cake recipe will also be a crowd-pleaser.


Chocolate Candy Bar Cake Recipe


While it is not chocolate in color, your Valentine will adore this Red Velvet Cake with Cheesecake filling.


Red Velvet cheesecake



We can’t forget about the ultimate Chocolate dessert recipe, Chocolate Lava Cake. Rebeheka’s Family Food and fun share her version.


chocolate cake recipe


Maybe you want to make a treat to pass out to friends, This Brookie recipe can be made by your kids.



Brookie recipe, Brownie chocolate chip cookie bar


Too easy, then how about these Chocolate Fudge Caramel Brownies for your next Chocolate dessert party?


This looks like a chocolate dessert the kids would really enjoy. Chocolate Marshmallow Bark.

What are your favorite Chocolate Dessert Recipes?

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